Student Communication Guidelines

In order to support the cultural shift in communication methods at KUMC, all parties are encouraged to utilize the communication tools that have been implemented (i.e. MyKUMC and campus calendar). However, some situations might still warrant the use of a broadcast message. This document serves to provide some guidelines on when and how a broadcast will be sent. (Please note, broadcast e-mails reach only the university, not the hospital.)

KUMC Communication Methods

Campus Calendar: The KUMC Events Calendar is the central record for all scheduled events and activities sponsored by KUMC and the primary means to announce events. The calendar is appropriate for KUMC, school and/or organization sponsored events and serves as a helpful resource when planning future events.

MyKUMC (i.e. Portal): MyKUMC at is a Web-based application that is intended to aggregate information and services in a secure, easy, consistent, and personalized way. The announcement channel should be used to give details on projects that cannot be advertised on the calendar (ex: a clothing drive).

Groupwise E-mail: KUMC provides electronic mail (“email”) to students when engaging in activities related to the University mission and follows the e-mail guidelines. Public groups exist in Groupwise that target specific student populations on campus. Students may use the public student groups to contact other students.

Broadcast: Broadcast e-mails are used for general announcements and business to staff, faculty and students. Broadcast e-mail is used on an as-needed basis, typically for annual events and special occasions (ex: Student Research Forum). Particular entities on campus have access to broadcast. There are guidelines that will be followed when determining if a broadcast should be sent.

E-Mail Grievance
The e-mail guidelines are available at These guidelines apply to any e-mail sent, whether from an individual or broadcast account. If you believe an e-mail that has been sent is a misuse of the stated policy, please contact the Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Resources & Interim Chief Information Officer, Steffani Webb.

Last modified: Aug 02, 2017