How to Write a Constitution

The purpose of a constitution is to explain the fundamental principles of the group by providing a basic framework of how the organization operates.  It should explain to the reader why the group exists and how it functions.  It also provides some historical perspective for the reader. Normally, constitutions are from 2-4 pages in length and rarely revised.

Constitutions should include:

Article I:          Name of the organization
Article II:         Affiliation with other local, state or national groups
Article III:        Purpose of the organization (mission statement)
Article IV:       Membership requirements and limitations
Article V:        Officers including titles, office terms and election information
Article VI:       Advisor(s) including term and selection information
Article VII:      Meeting information including frequency and special cases
Article VIII:     Quorum information (# of members required to conduct business)
Article IX:       Procedures for legislation and for recalling offers
Article X:        Amendment procedures including proposal, required notice and voting
Article XI:       Voting requirements for approval of the constitution

2/3 vote of membership is required to make a change to the constitution.

Last modified: Feb 21, 2012