Event Planning Checklist

  1. Know the Needs of Your Population
    Decide what sort of information would be useful for your attendees

  2. Brainstorm Possible Ideas
    Decide the best way to present the information to your audience

  3. Plan Your Event
    Set the goals you will to accomplish
    Create a timeline to follow and stick to it
    Contact the speaker (send follow-up letter with program info and directions if requested)

  4. Make Arrangements for Your Event
    Set a date
    Reserve a room
    Assign responsibilities
    Plan a budget
    Order food/ equipment (at least 10 days in advance)

  5. Publicize
    Don't for get to include: The name of the event, date, time, place, admission charge, sponsors, accommodation statement
    Post event info on campus event calendar online
    Bring them by the Office of Student Life who will post them for you
    Write event info the day before the event on chalkboards and whiteboards around campus

  6. The Event
    Arrive early
    Thank all those involved
    Send speaker thank you card
    Be sure to clean up afterwards

  7. Evaluate the Event
    Create a system to determine if your goals were met
    Suggestions: questionnaire, suggestion box, verbal feedback, own observations, focus groups

Last modified: Aug 08, 2012