Broadcast Email

Broadcast e-mails are special circumstance announcements that can be sent to the entire campus.  Broadcast capabilities are exclusively for use by Vice Chancellors, Deans and their delegates.  All broadcast emails must be signed with the sender’s name and department.  In addition to broadcast, several other campus-wide e-mail accounts exist.  These include both “Emergency Alert” and “Critical Information”.

Student Services is permitted to send broadcast e-mails to the entire KUMC student body.  At least one of the following criteria must be met in order to have a student broadcast sent:

  1. All currently enrolled students must receive the message (please be prepared to give justification).
  2. Your organization will need the ability to keep track of which students have received and opened the message and/or you need to attach a document to the message.
  3. All other communication methods, including the portal and the campus calendar have been explored as options and have been deemed inappropriate.

If at least one of the three criteria are met, make your broadcast request to Ryan Gove, Director of Student Life.   The broadcast will only be sent one time, so be sure to keep your timeframe in mind when making the request.

Last modified: Aug 02, 2017