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Writing Successes

Tequilla Manning

Tequilla Manning (M4) had her article "Racial Discrimination as an African-American Medical Student" published in In-Training (May 16, 2016), the online magazine for medical students. It deals with a recent episode in Manning's med school experience set against the little-known history of a South African woman from the nineteenth century.

Tequilla came to the Writing Center to work on this article. She had worked with us before and knew she could get help with any writing project related to her education. Her biggest challenge was relating two seemingly different things together: her experience on the wards and that of a nineteenth-century African woman. With a little help from us, Tequilla succeeded in creating a compelling perspective about discrimination, prejudice, learning environments, and awareness.

Manning plans to practice family medicine and public health. She was a member of the Family Medicine Leads Emerging Institute class of 2015. With an extensive international travel history and experience working with underserved populations, Tequilla's research focuses on women's health, sex work, and LGBTQ.

Lydia Mejia-Johnson

Lydia Mejia-Johnson recently earned her DNP in Nursing (Organizational Leadership). She initially sought out the Writing Center for help on her coursework, well before her capstone project. Mejia-Johnson became a regular, working with us on multiple projects and taking on challenging aspects in her degree program, especially the financial dimensions of nursing and their impact on patient outcomes. We've seen her writing skills become solid over time as a result of her hard work and positive attitude toward writing. Her goal is to make an impact on patients' lives, which she has done as a nurse and is now doing with her doctoral scholarship.

In addition to graduation, Lydia has gotten her work published in Western Journal of Nursing Research (May 2016) and begun teaching this fall as a nursing instructor at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Congrats, Lydia!

Yaqiong Wang

Yaqiong Wang is a doctoral student in Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, and Immunology. She is currently writing her dissertation on HIV and protein interactions and plans to graduate in May 2017.

Yaqiong started coming to the Writing Center a couple of years ago. At first she worked on her pre-proposal for the doctoral qualifying exam. Later she worked on personal statements and other projects. We're happy to report that Wang was accepted into the Doctoral Program of Physical Therapy (DPT) at Washington University in St. Louis. It's part of the School of Medicine at WUSTL and ranked by US News and World Report as best in the country.

English is Yaqiong's second language, a fact that makes her growing fluency with highly complex scientific content in English an amazing feat. Her patience and problem solving have given her writing not only correctness but also nuance and flexibility. Wang told us, "This would not have happened without Dr. Andrés Rodríguez's consistent encouragement and invaluable advice." We feel she'll use her strengths to write great research in her new field.

Brandon Hidaka

Brandon Hidaka (M4) has won a 2016 Pisacano Leadership Foundation Scholarship. This prestigious award is given to five medical students each year among "an extremely competitive pool," according to Pisacano executive director Robert Cattoi. Along with his co-winners, Brandon continues a remarkable journey in the specialty of family medicine with this award.

The Writing Center has worked with Hidaka on his articles, parts of his doctoral dissertation, and personal statement for residency. Brandon is truly a leader in writing as well as medicine. Whether exploring the causes of breast cancer or evolutionary biology or the patient as hero, he has opened doors and minds onto new knowledge with innovation and passion. We're proud to have given feedback that helped Brandon (in his words) to "clarify my thinking and enable my hard work to shine through good communication." We look forward to many good things from him.

The Writing Center website will regularly feature KUMC students and residents whose writing accomplishments are worth noting. Please let us know about your work or that of others. Email us or call 913-945-8477. We'd love to hear from you.

Last modified: Aug 25, 2018