About the Writing Center

Mission Statement

The Writing Center is dedicated to serving the writing community in a supportive, intellectually stimulating, and collaborative way. We help students, residents, and faculty with the writing process. Our goal is to provide perspective and enhance productivity through a positive, professional, and client-center process of education.


  1. To improve writing through one-on-one feedback on written work at all stages of the writing process.
  2. To facilitate workshops and presentations for the academic community.
  3. To support research and writer groups.


In 2012 The University of Kansas Medical Center provided a graduate writing specialist (GWS) for students and residents. Liana M. Silva was the first GWS, working half-time at KUMC and half-time at the KU Lawrence Writers Roost. Writing assistance began in G011 at Dykes Library four years ago.

Since then the Writing Center has emerged in the same space, newly renovated, where students and residents come for one-on-one consultation on writing projects of all kinds. The Center has noncirculating resources as well as free handouts on writing topics. It is a quiet, productive meeting place for getting help with writing.

In May 2013 Liana left KUMC. Andrés Rodríguez became the Graduate Writing Specialist in August 2013.

The Writing Center is part of the Division of Student Services. Vice Chancellor of Students Vince Loffredo, EdD, is the dean of Student Services. Dr. Larry E. Long, Jr., PhD, is the director of Counseling and Educational Support Services which sponsors the Writing Center.

Last modified: Jun 10, 2016