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Tara Brim, Ph.D.
Tara Brim
Post-Doctoral Psychology Fellow
Robert (Bo) Cooley, D.O.
Robert Bo Cooley
Consulting Psychiatrist
Jen Dolson, M.Ed.
Jen Dolson
Assistant Director and Learning Specialist
Tessa Graf, M.A.
Tessa Graf
Counseling Psychology Doctoral Practicum Student
Matthew Hermanson, M.Ed., Learning Specialist
Matthew Hermanson
Learning Specialist
Karen Houston Howell
Karen Houston Howell
Administrative Assistant
Larry Long, Ph.D.
Larry E Long, Jr
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs
Monica Oh, Ph.D.
Monica Oh
Post-Doctoral Psychology Fellow, Multicultural Emphasis
Andrés Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Andrés Rodriguez
Writing Specialist
Allison Roodman, Ph.D.
Allison Roodman
Staff Psychologist
Kristin Soykan
Kristin Soykan
Learning Specialist
Lynette Sparkman-Barnes
Lynette Sparkman-Barnes
Staff Psychologist-- Multicultural Specialist
Last modified: Aug 25, 2018