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KU Step Prep

Step Prep is a 3-week board review workshop, which means you actively review the necessary content for USMLE Step I and increase your confidence in standardized test taking.

Step Prep is for second-year medical students who want a structured, active learning experience to make them better managers of their skills and time. 

Using proven educational methods, Step Prep boosts your power to retrieve, synthesize, and apply knowledge to test questions.

Step Prep strengthens your test-taking skills through daily, deliberate practice, focusing on critical thinking and modeling board-style questions.

What Students are Saying:

"I was skeptical about the poster presentations at first. But once I completed my first poster, I completely understood the topic and rocked out every question based on that topic."

"With Step Prep, you've got the subject experts... plus the M4s... Those are the tangibles that you just don't get anywhere else."

"Step Prep helped to give me a backbone of structure for studying."

"I was very glad to have student interaction and not have my computer as my sole source of preparation."

"This is a very well thought out program. The questions from UWorld, the NBME practice tests and the handouts are wonderful."

"Step Prep was vital to my success on the Step I exam. By the end of second year, I was wiped out. Being able to join a program that had the support system and showed me all the material that you needed to know with everything packaged into one-- was a great relief to me." 

Last modified: Aug 25, 2018