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Educational Support, Writing, and Psychological services are paid for by State of Kansas funds, student fees, grant funds, Graduate Medical Education, point-of-service fees, and consultation/outreach programming fees in non-student/non-resident instances.  Currently enrolled KUMC students (on any campus or completing distance learning courses), medical residents, or fellows may access services if they pay the "Education Support" fee.  Partners, spouses, and family members are welcome to participate in couples or family counseling with the student, resident, or fellow. Once students or medical residents/fellows graduate or discontinue from their respective programs, they are no longer eligible to receive services.

KUMC Students

Educational Support and Writing Services:

  • No fees or session limits

Psychological Services (individual, group, couples, or crisis counseling):

  • No fees or session limits

Psychiatric Services:

  • $25 for the initial evaluation and $25 for the medication management sessions
  • $25 for cancellation (less than 24 hour notice) or no-showed session

There may be additional fees for certain licensure board review programs, or psychological/educational testing services.  A staff member will explain fees before the onset of these programs / services.

Speech and Hearing Students (whose primary campus is not KUMC)

Students in the Speech and Hearing programs who are not currently taking a course onsite at KUMC-Kansas City campus may pay $96.30 per semester (July-Dec; Jan-June) to access services listed above for KUMC students.

KUMC Students on LOA (Leave of Absence)

Students taking a KUMC approved leave of absence and having valid health insurance may pay $96.30 per semester (July-Dec; Jan-June) to access services listed above for KUMC students.

KUMC Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

Post-doctoral research fellows may pay $96.30 per semester (July-Dec; Jan-June) to access services listed above for KUMC students.

KUMC Medical Residents / Fellows

The KUMC Graduate Medical Education department funds all fees associated with Counseling and Educational Support Services.  There are no fees assessed to residents/fellows.

KUMC SOM Post-Baccalaureate and Pre-Matriculation Programs

The KUMC Executive Vice Chancellor (EVC) and KU School of Medicine (SOM) sponsor the Post-Baccalureate and Pre-Matriculation Programs.  In partnership with the EVC and SOM, Counseling & Educational Support Services provides services listed above for KUMC students.

KUMC SON Graduate Student NExus Program Students

The School of Nursing provides Counseling & Educational Support Services with a list of eligible SON NExus program students prior to each semester and funding for services.  NExus students are eligible for Writing and Educational Support Services and do not pay a fee.  

Consultion and Outreach to Individuals and Groups Other Than KUMC Students and Residents

When time permits, our staff periodically provides consultaiton services and outreach programming to individuals and groups who are not KUMC students and residents.  For these services, we charge $100/hour when the work involves a psychologist provider and $68/hour when the work involves an education or writing specialist.

Last modified: Aug 25, 2018