Test Etiquette for Students

These guidelines are to be followed by students involved with the academic accommodated testing process. They apply whether or not the testing is by paper and pencil or electronic and whether or not the location is in the Dykes Library Testing Center, rooms associated with the Testing Center or any other campus location.

  • Please arrive 5- 10 minutes before the time you are to begin your exam.
  • Unless there is a good reason for a late arrival (i.e. car accident, stopped by police, ill, etc.) you will be required to finish your exam at the scheduled time with no extra time added. The AAS staff must approve any exceptions.
  • You are permitted to arrive early and study until your exam is to begin.
  • Leave all personal items such as backpacks, purses, coats, cell phones, or pagers either outside your testing room or in a locker.
  • We will try to maintain a supply of tissues in the area.
  • Sometimes the temperature in the testing room is not comfortable. There is a thermostat in the room that can be adjusted when needed. Please consult with the test administrator on temperature. It is wise to bring a sweater during the winter months or to dress in cooler clothing during the summer months.
  • The test administrator will give you an honor sheet to sign after you have put all your belongings, such as backpacks, etc., outside your testing room. You are to sign this sheet and give it to the test administrator at the end of your exam. You can make notes on this sheet if you desire. Any notes you make on this sheet are to be information you have in your head, not information copied from notes, a book, etc.
  • If you have a problem signing into your testing computer, tell the test administrator who will contact the Testing Center.
  • No assistance, such as help with answering a test question, will be provided to you. BUT, if you want to talk to faculty about a test question, please contact the test administrator. He/she will then contact either testing staff, which will get the faculty for assistance. NOTE: not all faculty members provide assistance.
  • The computer will time you out after 15 minutes if there is no activity on the computer. As you know, moving the mouse around will prevent this from happening.
  • You are allowed to take restroom breaks.
  • For School of Medicine students, you may be accompanied by the test administrator when you take a restroom break during a shelf/subject exam.
  • You are allowed to have a clear closed contained beverage in the testing room.
  • You are permitted to close the door to your testing room.
  • Video surveillance cameras are in use throughout the library and in the testing rooms.
  • Let AAS staff know if you have any issues or concerns.


Last modified: Nov 30, 2017