Student Request for Accommodation

The Academic Accommodations Services Office (AAS) coordinates academic accommodations that are necessary to allow a student with a qualifying disability the opportunity for equal participation in the academic programs at The University of Kansas Medical Center. Students who believe they have a qualifying disability should contact the AAS office as soon as possible after admission so that accommodations can be arranged in a timely manner. Accommodations requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Students must:

  • Meet with the AAS staff member to discuss the accommodations they need
  • Meet the university's qualifications and essential technical, academic and institutional standards
  • Complete and sign the Student Request for Accommodation Form
  • Provide adequate documentation of their disability from a qualified provider
  • Notify the student's instructors of the accommodations that have been approved
  • Provide the AAS office with their course names and numbers, the names of their professors, and test dates and times at the beginning of each semester
  • Address any questions or concerns about accommodations promptly

















Last modified: Feb 18, 2015