Faculty Information for Academic Accommodations

A student who has been admitted into an academic program on this campus and requests academic accommodations must:

  1. Submit a Request for Accommodations Form to the Academic Accommodations Services (AAS) office,
  2. Provide documentation of their disability from a qualified provider.
  3. Notify the School that they can meet the technical standards with or without accommodations. accommodations,
  4. An Interactive process is required on all requests for services to examine all the available options.    

Each accommodation request will be handled on a case-by-case basis, including new requests from students who are currently receiving accommodations.  In some cases, particularly physical disabilities, the disability officer may be able to identify needed academic accommodations on the basis of an interview.  In most cases, however, documentation from an appropriate health care provider will be required, which will substantiate that a disability exists in accordance with federal laws and support the need for the requested accommodation(s).  

If accommodations are granted, the student must provide the AAS office with a detailed schedule of classes, tests, and other academic schedules which relate to the accommodation.  The student must participate fully in the accommodations granted, remain in communication with the AAS office, and return any loaned devices or equipment in working order.   

Faculty and staff members should protect the confidentiality of the information about a student's disability but also inform the faculty and staff who have a need to know the information.  They should coordinate with the testing staff concerning the format of electronic tests that will be given in the accommodated testing area of the library.  The AAS staff will reserve space in the accommodated testing area and secure monitoring of the exams.  

Offering informal accommodations to students whose impairment does not rise to the level of a disability would require that the accommodation be announced to and available for the entire class.  Otherwise, one student without a disability would be given an advantage that other students do not have.  

For more detailed information, see Students with Disabilities Policy at www.kumc.edu/accommodations or contact Cyn Ukoko (cukoko@kumc.edu) in the AAS Office at 913-945-7035.

Last modified: Nov 30, 2017