Accommodations for Campus Activities

Policy for accommodated campus activities:
Campus activities that will qualify for accommodations are those which are a required part of a student's academic program. Services on campus which are available for all students and support a student's program may qualify for accommodations.


  • Students who wish to have accommodations for activities which are required for their academic program should contact Cyn Ukoko in the Academic Accommodations Office at 913-945-7035. 
  • Staff in the Accommodations office will evaluate the request and let the student know whether the activity qualifies for an accommodation.
  • The student should arrange for the accommodation by contacting the sponsoring entity that is providing the activity.

Guidelines for identifying qualifying activities:

  • Is the activity on campus or off campus?
  • Is the activity sponsored by a KU Medical Center entity?
  • Is the activity mandated by the student's department? If yes,

           What percent of the student's grade is allotted to the activity? Please provide a copy of the syllabus for                the course. 

  • Has the student exhausted all other options to satisfy this mandate?
Last modified: Mar 21, 2014