Special Services Division

This Special Services division consists of 3 other units; Communications, Records, Computer Network development and Software support.  Each of these areas serves in a support capacity to the entire Department.


The Communications unit is staffed with trained dispatchers that handle incoming telephone calls from regular, emergency 911, and blue-phone direct line telephones.  They dispatch and monitor officers on all calls for service over the campus radio network.  The dispatchers prioritize the information they receive and then relay it to other persons or officers.  They monitor two fire systems, two access control systems, and all holdup/disturbance/intrusion systems on campus.  Access Control administration is also handled through this area as is video monitoring of the campus CCTV system.


The Records unit is staffed with personnel that handle data entry, archiving operations, and report requests as well as the responsibility for fingerprinting license applicants. The care, custody and control of the Evidence/Property room rests with this unit. They also handle reports and crime analysis.

Fee based services: The University Police Department does offer fingerprinting services and copies of reports for a nominal cost in the Police Records Unit, located in Suite 115 of the Support Services Facility.  The basic hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:00 pm.  Please call ahead to arrange an appointment or obtain fee information.  588-5192 or 588-5168

Note: Police Records can no longer receive cash as a form of payment.  Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  Debit pin numbers cannot be entered, so only debit cards that can be run as a credit card are accepted.  Money orders and checks are also acceptable forms of payment.


The training function for the department is handled by this unit. All training regardless of division is scheduled, and reported through this area.

CALEA Accreditation

The Professional Standards Sergeant functions as the Accreditation Manager, maintaining the required proofs, standard updates, and administration for this continuing program of accreditation.

Computer Network and Software Support

The Departments records system and report writing software are maintained through this division. Computer updates and software update/upgrades are handled within this division. This division also handles maintenance and administration of the campus wide radio network.

Contact: Special Services Commander

Last modified: Jun 24, 2013