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Kansas Newspaper Clippings Collection


2012 - June through December

The State Library of Kansas' Legislative Reference Section maintains a collection of clipped newspaper articles on topics relating to subjects pertinent to issues in Kansas state government. Below is a listing of clipped articles taken from several different newspapers relating to EDUCATION, June through December, 2012.

The Clippings books are available for use in the library. You may photocopy articles from the books. If you have questions regarding this collection please feel free to contact State Library staff. Contact information is found at the top and bottom of this page.

The Clippings List is generally arranged chronologically through the year.

Each article cited contains the following information:

Author of article (if any is present)
Title of Article
Newspaper title and date of issue

ARTICLES ON EDUCATION, June - December, 2012

Tim Carpenter
School finance centers on 'suitable funding'
Topeka Capital Journal, 6/4/2012

Scott Rothschild
Plaintiff school districts, state battle in school finance hearing
Lawrence Journal World, 6/4/2012

Associated Press
KCK superintendent testifies in lawsuit
Topeka Capital Journal, 6/5/2012

Rhonda Holman
Funding not suitable
Wichita Eagle, 6/5/2012

Associated Press
State headed for another debate over evolution
Hutchinson News, 6/6/2012 [Newsbank article]

Jason Probst
Evolving education
Hutchinson News, 6/7/2012

Associated Press
Kansas school board member won't re-run
Topeka Capital Journal, 6/7/2012

John Milburn
Finance expert testifies in Kansas school case
Kansas City Star, 6/11/2012

Scott Rothschild
Kansas prepping for another evolution debate
Lawrence Journal World, 6/12/2012

Associated Press
Science standards face review by Kan. school board
Kansas City Star, 6/12/2012

Associated Press
KU wants $30 million for med building in KC
Topeka Capital Journal, 6/14/2012

Andy Marso
Alcala adds challenge to growing elections grievances
Topeka Capital Journal, 6/15/2012

Scott Rothschild
Regents to consider tuition, admissions, expansions
Lawrence Journal World, 6/19/2012

Associated Press
Kansas school finance trial continues today
Kansas City Star, 6/20/2012 [Newsbank article]

Tim Carpenter
Regents to raise KSU, KU tuition
Topeka Capital Journal, 6/20/2012

Scott Rothschild
KU tuition and fees going up
Lawrence Journal World, 6/20/2012

Scott Rothschild
Regents give green light to KU for tougher admission standards
Lawrence Journal World, 6/20/2012

Scott Rothschild
KU tuition and fees going up; admission standards getting more stringent
Lawrence Journal World, 6/20/2012

Tim Carpenter
KU walks alone in admissions reform
Topeka Capital Journal, 6/24/2012

Andy Marso
Hensley testifies in school finance case
Topeka Capital Journal, 6/25/2012

Dion Lefler
Wichita principal testifies in school finance trial about effect of cuts
Wichita Eagle, 6/26/2012

Scott Rothschild
Schools told to prioritize budget requests
Lawrence Journal World, 6/27/2012

Mara Rose Williams
Fort Hays State outsources rising tuition costs to China
Kansas City Star, 7/1/2012

Mary Clarkin
Kan. employees' bonus pay noted
Hutchinson News, 7/6/2012 [Newsbank article]

Scott Rothschild
Kansas teachers group recommends legislative candidates
Lawrence Journal World, 7/6/2012

Scott Rothschild
Statehouse Live: State Board of Education recommends $440 million increase in base state aid to schools
Lawrence Journal World, 7/10/2012

Associated Press
Kansas cancer facility gains NCI designation
Topeka Capital Journal, 7/12/2012

Alan Bavley
KU Cancer Center wins national designation
Wichita Eagle, 7/13/2012

Suzanne Perez Tobias
Department of Education grants Kansas' No Child Left Behind waiver request
Wichita Eagle, 7/19/2012

Scott Rothschild
KU to pursue private sector funding
Lawrence Journal World, 7/22/2012

Dawn Bormann
Education is key in Kansas primaries
Kansas City Star, 7/26/2012

Associated Press
Gov touts new tech program at Washburn
Topeka Capital Journal, 7/27/2012

John Hanna
Evolution big issue in Kan. school board races
Topeka Capital Journal, 7/29/2012

George Diepenbrock
Child support scrutinized in tickets scam
Lawrence Journal World, 8/9/2012

Scott Rothschild
State board discusses home-schooling requirements
Lawrence Journal World, 8/14/2012

Scott Rothschild
Regents Retreat Live: Regents trying to deal with new political landscape
Lawrence Journal World, 8/15/2012

Associated Press
Kansas education board looks into home schooling concerns
Topeka Capital Journal, 8/15/2012

Andy Hyland
KU newspaper, radio station and sports gain spots in Princeton Review rankings
Lawrence Journal World, 8/20/2012

Joe Robertson and Dawn Bormann
ACT is sobering news on school performance
Kansas City Star, 8/21/2012

Associated Press
2012 Kansas ACT scores about same as '11
Topeka Capital Journal, 8/22/2012

Scott Rothschild
Statehouse Live: Attorneys delivering closing arguments in school finance lawsuit against state
Lawrence Journal World, 8/29/2012

Scott Rothschild
Higher education official says remedial course bill has become positive
Lawrence Journal World, 9/9/2012

Tim Carpenter
KU endowment takes in $156 million during fiscal 2012
Topeka Capital Journal, 9/11/2012

Judy Shepard
Schools implement new core standards
Hays Daily News, 9/12/2012 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Kansas officials take home schooling talk off the table
Kansas City Star, 9/12/2012

Scott Rothschild
KU's ranking drops several notches in latest U. S. News & World Report edition
Lawrence Journal World, 9/12/2012

Scott Rothschild
Statehouse Live: Student performance drops amid budget cuts
Lawrence Journal World, 9/18/2012

Tim Carpenter
Duncan: Education improvement an urgent task
Topeka Capital Journal, 9/18/2012

John Hanna
Science standards praised
Hutchinson News, 9/19/2012 [Newsbank article]

Scott Rothschild
Statehouse Live: Board endorses proposed council to work on better coordination of
Kansas education system
Lawrence Journal World, 9/19/2012

Alex Garrison
Achievement gaps persist in Lawrence schools

Lawrence Journal World, 9/20/2012

Suzanne Perez Tobias
Drop in test scores by African-American students alarms Kansas education officials
Wichita Eagle, 9/21/2012

Associated Press
Kansas State wants to drop 'K-State' name
Topeka Capital Journal, 9/26/2012

Bill Wilson
Koch Industries donates $814,000 to K-State Office of Diversity
Wichita Eagle, 9/26/2012

Scott Rothschild
Brownback not backing Republican Wu in State Board of Education race
Lawrence Journal World, 9/27/2012

The Capital-Journal
KU extends Self through 2022 with annual salary of $3,856M
Topeka Capital Journal, 9/29/2012

Brad Cooper
Westboro attendee seeks seat on Kansas education board
Kansas City Star, 10/1/2012

Scott Rothschild
Statehouse Live: Brownback's task force on school efficiency includes no one who works in a school
Lawrence Journal World, 10/1/2012

Tim Carpenter
Tim Carpenter: Board of Education candidate at a loss
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/1/2012

Peter Hancock
School meals getting leaner and healthier
Lawrence Journal World, 10/1/2012

Suzanne Perez Tobias
Kansas schools' achievement gap widening, but less than originally thought
Wichita Eagle, 10/1/2012

Andy Marso
Democrats foresee $900 million in education cuts
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/2/2012

Tim Carpenter
KU law applications surge, Washburn's number dips
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/2/2012

Matt Erickson
KU hiring campaign under way
Lawrence Journal World, 10/3/2012

Aly Van Dyke
Students give new lunches failing grade
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/3/2012

Scott Rothschild
$20 million gift to help build new business school
Lawrence Journal World, 10/4/2012

Tim Carpenter
Brownback touts technical education law
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/5/2012

Andy Marso
Task force reignites debate on school funding
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/7/2012

Andy Marso
Free market group opens school efficiency panel
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/8/2012

Scott Rothschild
Statehouse Live: Governor's task force on school efficiency starts work; chair promises to keep politics out
Lawrence Journal World, 10/8/2012

Andy Marso
Republican committee chairman rebuts mailers

Topeka Capital Journal, 10/8/2012

John Milburn
School task force eyes spending data
Hutchinson News, 10/8/2012

Matt Campbell
Encouraging signs: Bilingual education at Kansas State School for the Deaf
Kansas City Star, 10/9/2012

Tim Carpenter
KASB creates panel to study K-12 school efficiency
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/10/2012

Associated Press
KU seeks OK to raze 10-story residence hall
Wichita Eagle, 10/11/2012

William Klusener
Incidents prompt cell phone policy questions
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 10/11/2012 [Newsbank article]

Andy Marso
Dems rebut Brownback on school funding
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/12/2012

Associated Press
Analysis: Education funding debate hits key issues
Lawrence Journal World, 10/14/2012

Associated Press
Kan. school board reviews science standards work
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/16/2012

Associated Press
Kan. board told draft standards light on science
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/16/2012

Brent Wistrom
Brownback task force opens site for anonymous reports of school inefficiencies
Wichita Eagle, 10/17/2012

Andy Marso
Brownback adds superintendent to schools task force
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/17/2012

Associated Press
Some KCK scores excluded from state average
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/18/2012

Associated Press
Kansas school finance lawsuit revived
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/19/2012

Scott Rothschild
Statehouse Live: Democrats launch school funding website to counter Brownback's
Lawrence Journal World, 10/22/2012

Associated Press
KU Endowment provides record $119.3M
Wichita Eagle, 10/25/2012

John Hanna
Climate change a hotpoint in state BOE races
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/26/2012

Scott Rothschild
KU room and board rate increase proposed
Lawrence Journal World, 10/31/2012

Celia Llopis-Jepsen
Evolution debate may fade away in Kansas schools
Topeka Capital Journal, 11/7/2012

Associated Press
Kansas surveys districts about cursive handwriting
Topeka Capital Journal, 11/12/2012

Mara Rose Williams
Now 40-plus years old, JCCC has grown to a colossus
Kansas City Star, 11/13/2012

Associated Press
Elementary teachers falsifying science grades
Topeka Capital Journal, 11/14/2012

Dawn Bormann
Kansas debates whether cursive writing has a place in schools
Kansas City Star, 11/15/2012

Celia Llopis-Jepsen
Brownback says Kansas Regents institutions need to think ahead
Topeka Capital Journal, 11/15/2012

Scott Rothschild
Brownback says little chance of base increase to higher ed
Lawrence Journal World, 11/15/2012

Suzanne Perez Tobias
Majority of Kansas schools still teach cursive, survey finds
Wichita Eagle, 11/16/2012

Suzanne Perez Tobias
Kansas students achievement scores called deceptive
Kansas City Star, 11/24/2012



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