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Kansas Newspaper Clippings Index

2012 Legislative Session
January through May 2012

The State Library of Kansas' Legislative Reference Section maintains a collection of clipped newspaper articles on topics relating to subjects pertinent to issues in Kansas state government. Below is a listing of clipped articles taken from several different newspapers relating to Members of the Kansas Legislature (Legislators), January through May, 2012.

The Clippings books are available for use in the library. You may photocopy articles from the books. If you have questions regarding this collection please feel free to contact State Library staff. Contact information is found at the top and bottom of this page.

The Clippings List is generally arranged chronologically through the year.

Each article cited contains the following information:

Author of article (if any is present)
Title of Article
Newspaper title and date of issue

ARTICLES ON Members (Kansas Legislature), January through May, 2012

Statehouse Live: Speaker O'Neal forwards email that calls Michelle Obama "Mrs. YoMana"
Lawrence Journal World, 1/5/2012

Brad Cooper
Legislator apologizes for 'YoMama' email about first lady
Kansas City Star, 1/5/2012

Scott Rothschild

Speaker O'Neal apologizes for forwarding email that calls Michelle Obama "Mrs. YoMama"
Lawrence Journal World, 1/5/2012

Kobach backs Romney in GOP presidential bid
Hutchinson News, 1/12/2012 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Romney receives Kobach support
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/12/2012

Larry Wohlgemuth

Letter: O'Neal just playing to his base
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/13/2012

Ron Sylvester
Kansas Speaker O'Neal plans return to Capitol as petition calls for resignation
Kansas City Star, 1/16/2012

Tim Carpenter
O'Neal dismisses appeal for his resignation
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/17/2012

Mary Clarkin
Quote adds to firestorm for Speaker - Call for House action arises from biblical reference O'Neil forwarded about Obama
Hutchinson News, 1/17/2012 [Newsbank article]

Andy Marso
Topeka ministers calling for ouster of House speaker
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/19/2012

The Capital-Journal Editorial Advisory Board
Editorial: O'Neal should hit 'delete' button
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/19/2012

Staff Reports
Reitz to decide fall election
Manhattan Mercury, 1/24/2012 [Newsbank article]

Andy Marso
Fight over Tietze's district looms
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/28/2012

Associated Press
House honors member who died of cancer
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/7/2012

Mary Clarkin
Kobach: Panel not- sign of ties- Secretary of State to share stage with ProEnglish director
Hutchinson News, 2/10/2012

Bruce Buchanan
Problems that don't exist
Hutchinson News, 2/16/2012 [Newsbank article]
Karrey Britt
Cottonwood honors Rep. Yoder
Lawrence Journal World, 2/24/2012

Ann Marie Bush
Rep. LeDoux recovering in hospital
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/27/2012

Richard Shank
All about Senate President Steve Morris
Hutchinson News, 3/1/2012 [Newsbank article]

John Hanna
Kobach draws criticism for forming PAC
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/5/2012

Umbarger again faces ethics complaint
Parsons Sun, 3/8/2012

Richard Shank
Kan. House Speaker enjoys serving public
Hutchinson News, 3/15/2012 [Newsbank article]

Bill Otto
OTTO: Down in the dumps after week at Capitol
Ottawa Herald, 3/16/2012 [Newsbank article]

Kansas City Star
Former Kansas governor replaced on Bioscience Authority
Kansas City Star, 4/2/2012

Brad Cooper and Dave Helling
Midwest Democracy- Kansas Secretary of State Kobach draws praise, scorn for work- Secretary of state draws adulation and scorn for his work on voter fraud and illegal immigration
Kansas City Star, 4/9/2012

Tim Carpenter
Rep. Smith honors legacy of slain daughter
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/3/2012

John F. Steineger (obit)
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/5/2012

Andy Marso
Legislators speak against U.N. sustainability initiative
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/7/2012

Mary Clarkin
Choice of words over German dialect draws fire for Bruce
Hutchinson News, 5/10/2012 [Newsbank article]

Don Daniels
Letter: Shame on Speaker O'Neal
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/11/2012

Tim Carpenter
State Rep. Bob Bethell dies in car crash
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/21/2012

Mary Clarkin
Goodbye gatherings
Hutchinson News, 5/24/2012 [Newsbank article]

Corey Jones
Lawmaker remembered for humor, caring nature
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/30/2012

Brad Cooper
Judges will now draw Kansas political districts
Kansas City Star, 5/30/2012

Mary Clarkin
O'Neal announcement looms- Speaker to reveal if he'll seek re-election to House amid much speculation
Hutchinson News, 5/31/2012 [Newsbank article]

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