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Kansas Newspaper Clippings Index

2012 Legislative Session
January through May 2012

The State Library of Kansas' Legislative Reference Section maintains a collection of clipped newspaper articles on topics relating to subjects pertinent to issues in Kansas state government. Below is a listing of clipped articles taken from several different newspapers relating to AGRICULTURE, January through May, 2012.

The Clippings books are available for use in the library. You may photocopy articles from the books. If you have questions regarding this collection please feel free to contact State Library staff. Contact information is found at the top and bottom of this page.

The Clippings List is generally arranged chronologically through the year.

Each article cited contains the following information:

Author of article (if any is present)
Title of Article
Newspaper title and date of issue

ARTICLES ON AGRICULTURE, January through May, 2012

Permit clears way for Greeley Co. farm
Hutchinson News, 1/6/2012

Whitney McFerron
Wheat condition is improving in Kan.
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/12/2012

Christine Metz
Proposed rule changes would affect farm families
Salina Journal, 1/17/2012

Christine Metz
Proposed rule changes would affect farm families
Lawrence Journal World, 1/17/2012

Associated Press
Kansas farmers claim $1 billion after drought
Hays Daily News, 1/26/2012

Tim Carpenter
Corporate farming at issue
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/26/2012 [Newsbank article]

Matt Campbell
KCK plant accused of shipping adulterated poultry
Kansas City Star, 1/26/2012

Tim Carpenter
Ag secretary denounces KBA board
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/27/2012

Tim Carpenter
Agriculture interests stir immigration policy
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/28/2012

Amy Bickel
Drought dries up cattle, calf numbers -Kan, count mirrors nation as ranchers cull back herds
Hutchinson News, 1/31/2012 [Newsbank article]

Tim Carpenter
House committee passes hog bill
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/1/2012

Scott Rothschild
Bill aimed at increasing swine production facilities advances
Lawrence Journal World, 2/2/2012

Kansas City Star
Measure would aid hog farm expansion in Kansas
Kansas City Star, 2/4/2012

Mary Clarkin
Measure would aid hog farm expansion efforts
Hutchinson News, 2/4/2012 [Newsbank article]

The Capital-Journal Editorial-Advisory Board
Editorial: Waiver program a bad idea
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/5/2012

News Editorial

Smelly legislation [editorial]
Hutchinson News, 2/11/2012

Mary Clarkin
Rep: Hog farms seen in new light - Legislative roundup
Hutchinson News, 2/11/2012 [Newsbank article]

Tim Carpenter
Senate bill steps on hog, dog interests
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/22/2012

Jan Biles
Diversity helps family stay on its farm
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/3/2012

The Topeka Capital-Journal
Waiver program a bad idea- Another view
Hutchinson News, 3/5/2012 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Kan. wheat better than year ago, but needs rain
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/6/2012

Felix Revello
Support family farms
Hutchinson News, 3/14/2012 [Newsbank article]

Amy Bickel
Farmers make case for federal insurance
Hutchinson News, 3/16/2012 [Newsbank article]

Andy Marso
Senate loosens up on swine slaughter
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/19/2012

Frank Morris
Farm economy surges; commodity prices, productivity, exports all up
Kansas City Star, 3/19/2012

Tanner Ehmke
Does the tea party represent agriculture?
Hutchinson News, 4/5/2012

John D. Montgomery
Crop insurance -Roberts, other farm-state lawmakers wise to yield on subsidies to preserve safety net
Hutchinson News, 4/6/2012 [Newsbank article]

Andy Marso
Vilsack voices support for NBAF
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/10/2012

Andy Marso
Vilsack stands by 'pink slime' decision
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/11/2012

News Editorial

Renewable energy [editorial]
Hutchinson News, 4/18/2012 [Newsbank article]

Amy Bickel
Farmers tell ag panel members crop insurance vital
Hutchinson News, 4/21/2012 [Newsbank article]

Amy Bickel
Farmers ask House committee to keep crop insurance
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/22/2012

The Capital-Journal
Brownback affirms safety of Kansas beef, milk
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/24/2012

Tim Carpenter
Ranchers, Moran hail demise of labor rules
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/27/2012

Tony C. Dreibus
Expectations high for Kansas wheat crop
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/1/2012

The Garden City Telegram
Effort to make farm work safer for all is vital -Another view
Hutchinson News, 5/4/2012 [Newsbank article]

Grant Schulte
Kan. plant is among 3 set to close
Hutchinson News, 5/8/2012 [Newsbank article]

The Capital-Journal Editorial Board
Editorial: Crop forecast cause for optimism
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/8/2012

Ron Brown
Letter: Fund conservation
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/8/2012

Aly Van Dyke
Urban properties maintain farm status
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/23/2012

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