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Local Government

2010 Session - January through May

The State Library of Kansas' Legislative Reference Section maintains a collection of clipped newspaper articles on topics relating to subjects pertinent to issues in Kansas state government. Below is a listing of clipped articles taken from several different newspapers relating to Local Government, January through May, 2010.

The Clippings books are available for use in the library. You may photocopy articles from the books. If you have questions regarding this collection please feel free to contact State Library staff. Contact information is found at the top and bottom of this page.

The Clippings List is generally arranged chronologically through the year.

Each article cited contains the following information:

Author of article (if any is present)
Title of Article
Newspaper title and date of issue

ARTICLES ON Local Government, January through May, 2010

The Capital-Journal Editorial Board
Tax distributions a wise vote [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/3/2010

Mark Fagan
Local businesses see signs of economic progress in coming year
Lawrence Journal World, 1/6/2010

Dawn Bormann
Leavenworth won't bring mayor back
Kansas City Star, 1/6/2010

Scott Lowder
Commissioners stand behind decision
Leavenworth Times, 1/6/2010

The Emporia Gazette
EAC to receive governor's arts award
Emporia Gazette, 1/6/2010

Chad Lawhorn
City Commission bold steps taken on economic projects
Lawrence Journal World, 1/12/2010

A bonus decision [editorial]
Hutchinson News, 1/13/2010

The Capital-Journal Editorial Board
Economic development stepping up [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/14/2010

Brandy Nance
Computer purchase considered
Emporia Gazette, 1/14/2010

L. Candy Ruff
Ruff around the edges let conservative republicans govern
Leavenworth Times, 1/14/2010

Schodorf bringing campaign to Winfield
Winfield Daily Courier, 1/14/2010

Scott Lowder
Commission authorizes request for more stimulus funds
Leavenworth Times, 1/14/2010

Kaley Conner
Sports complex plans continue to progress
Hays Daily News, 1/15/2010 [Newsbank article]

Office grand opening set
Dodge City Daily Globe, 1/16/2010

John Hanna
Two Democrats to run for Kansas secretary of state
Hutchinson News, 1/16/2010

Chad Lawhorn
City braces for possible state funding cuts
Lawrence Journal World, 1/17/2010

Chad Lawhorn
Lawrence losing shoppers
Lawrence Journal World, 1/17/2010

Kristen Roderick
Lawyer led his community as a mentor, gentleman
Hutchinson News, 1/17/2010 [Newsbank article]

Kevin Collison
Agreement reached on Wizards, cerner deal
Kansas City Star, 1/19/2010 [Newsbank article]

Tim Hrenchir
City council to mull matter of tax credits
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/19/2010 [Newsbank article]

Dion Lefler
Kansas towns receive $6.9 million
Wichita Eagle, 1/20/2010

Loren Stanton
Does county have too many cities?
Johnson County Sun, 1/20/2010

John Hanna
State senator weighs run for governor
Wichita Eagle, 1/21/2010

Associated Press
Dems may have candidate
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/21/2010

Russ Morgan
RDA works to improve Emporia
Emporia Gazette, 1/28/2010 [Newsbank article]

Tim Linn
Lansing supports new apartments
Leavenworth Times, 1/30/2010

Luke Thompson
City to vote on cell ban
Manhattan Mercury, 2/1/2010 [Newsbank article]

Bobbi Mlynar
Chase Co. cutting costs in increments
Emporia Gazette, 2/2/2010 [Newsbank article]

City mergers lack steam [editorial]
Johnson County Sun, 2/3/2010

Eric Swanson
City OKs development resolution
Dodge City Daily Globe, 2/3/2010

Star's Editorial
Civic leaders must act on call for unity [star editorial]
Kansas City Star, 2/4/2010 [Newsbank article]

Lyon County Commission
Emporia Gazette, 2/9/2010 [Newsbank article]

Beth Kunard
Park good plan for Meadowbrook [letters to the editor]
Johnson County Sun, 2/10/2010

Charles Hammer
Plan won't work [letters to the editor]
Johnson County Sun, 2/10/2010

Tim Unruh
'Let's get to work'
Salina Journal, 2/21/2010 [Newsbank article]

Shajia Ahmad
Breaking cultural barriers the goal
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/22/2010

Shawnee Town museum receives county grant
Johnson County Sun, 2/24/2010

Grant to go toward Erie drainage improvements
Chanute Tribune, 2/24/2010 [Newsbank article]

Bob Johnson
Bridge set to be rebuilt in summer
Iola Register, 2/24/2010

Tim Linn
Tax credit bill looms large for project
Leavenworth Times, 2/24/2010

Will Klusener
Riley County commission back at work
Manhattan Mercury, 2/25/2010

Shajia Ahmad
City officials identify top priorities
Garden City Telegram, 2/25/2010

Jonas Hogg
Flint Hills tea party to hold rally in Riley
Manhattan Mercury, 2/26/2010 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
League of municipalities plans big 100th party
Emporia Gazette, 2/26/2010

Chad Lawhorn
City league plans big 100th
Salina Journal, 2/27/2010

Ashley Strehle
Commission to get independent inquiry results
Junction City Daily Union, 2/27/2010

By the Telegram
City commissioners to ratify goals
Garden City Telegram, 2/27/2010

Kevin Wright
Gardner recall vote to proceed
Olathe Daily News, 2/27/2010

J-W Editorials
Government gala? [editorial]
Lawrence Journal World, 3/1/2010

City in upbeat mode [editorial]
Johnson County Sun, 3/3/2010

Jane Brophy
Chamber activities on tap for April
Chanute Tribune, 3/3/2010

Christine Metz
Chamber mulls state issues over breakfast
Lawrence Journal World, 3/7/2010

Leadership Kansas selects class of 2010
Dodge City Daily Globe, 3/9/2010

Chuck Kurtz
Once again, county directors prepare for the worst
Johnson County Sun, 3/10/2010

David Clouston
Consolidation a nonissue for county and city leaders
Salina Journal, 3/14/2010 [Newsbank article]

City spending hold the line [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/16/2010

John Milburn
Legislators advance anti-porn bills
Salina Journal, 3/25/2010

Shajia Ahmad
Holcomb mandates employee health contributions
Garden City Telegram, 3/25/2010

Barbara Hollingsworth
Strip club legislation hits bump
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/30/2010

Patrick Lowry
Get on the bus [editorial]
Hays Daily News, 3/30/2010 [Newsbank article]

Richard Luken
Commission: Iola's could stand alone
Iola Register, 3/30/2010

Amy Bickel
Lane Co. biomass plant closed
Garden City Telegram, 3/31/2010

John Milburn
What' in a name? Topeka, Google get foolish
Salina Journal, 4/2/2010

League extravagance [editorial]
Hutchinson News, 4/4/2010 [Newsbank article]

Stu Butcher
Uniontown's storm siren project gets funding
Chanute Tribune, 4/6/2010 [Newsbank article]

Gayle Weber
Chamber drops state membership
Hays Daily News, 4/16/2010 [Newsbank article]

Scott Rothschild
Chamber won't sign on to tax recommendation
Lawrence Journal World, 4/18/2010

Russ Morgan
Commissioners approve economic development policy
Emporia Gazette, 4/22/2010 [Newsbank article]

Eric Depperschmidt
Positive signs in local economy [your views]
Garden City Telegram, 4/24/2010

A worthwhile investment [opinion]
Manhattan Mercury, 4/25/2010 [Newsbank article]

Jerry Wofford
Sales tax idea back to board
Manhattan Mercury, 4/26/2010 [Newsbank article]

Dave Seaton
Chamber mulls asking state not to oppose tax hike
Winfield Daily Courier, 4/26/2010

Courier Views
Winfield chamber should stand up and be counted
Winfield Daily Courier, 4/26/2010

Tim Linn
Budget priorities debated
Leavenworth Times, 4/27/2010

Luke Thompson
Chambers of commerce at odds over budget solutions
Manhattan Mercury, 4/30/5/1/2010 [Newsbank article]

The Capital-Journal Editorial Board
License fees a step back [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/7/2010

Tim Linn
School board, city council share updates
Leavenworth Times, 5/11/2010

Mary Ann Thompson
Calamity Jane rides into Hays Public Library
Hays Daily News, 5/16/2010 [Newsbank article]

The Capital-Journal Editorial Board
Fuel tax revenue debt on hold [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/17/2010

Off the easel [political cartoon]
Kansas City Star, 5/19/2010

Costly miscue [editorial]
Lawrence Journal World, 5/20/2010

Luke Thompson
Study touts consolidation
Manhattan Mercury, 5/23/2010 [Newsbank article]

Tim Carpenter
We're up and coming
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/27/2010

Barbara Hollingsworth
County's shorted fund saga to play out next session
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/28/2010



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