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2009 Session - January through May

The State Library of Kansas' Legislative Reference Section maintains a collection of clipped newspaper articles on topics relating to subjects pertinent to issues in Kansas state government. Below is a listing of clipped articles taken from several different newspapers relating to TRANSPORTATION, January through May, 2009.

The Clippings books are available for use in the library. You may photocopy articles from the books. If you have questions regarding this collection please feel free to contact State Library staff. Contact information is found at the top and bottom of this page.

The Clippings List is generally arranged chronologically through the year.

Each article cited contains the following information:

Author of article (if any is present)
Title of Article
Newspaper title and date of issue

January through May, 2009

January through May, 2009

Eric Swanson
Running on time
Dodge City Daily Globe, 1/3/3009

Mary Clarkin
Weak economy takes its toll on turnpike
Hutchinson News, 1/4/2009

Tim Carpenter
Senator: Slow down or pay
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/5/2009

Speeding toll pull this over [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/6/2009

Patrick Lowry
Paying for speed [editorial]
Hays Daily News, 1/6/2009 [Newsbank article]

Cable guards in Kansas? [editorial]
Kansas City Star, 1/7/2009 [Newsbank article]

On the right road [editorial]
Hutchinson News, 1/9/2009 [Newsbank article]

Tim Hrenchir
Message on a board
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/10/2009 [Newsbank article]

Emerson Lynn, Jr
Kansas highway system top-notch but now in peril
Iola Register, 1/12/2009

Dangerous driving [editorial]
Hutchinson News, 1/15/2009 [Newsbank article]

Patrick Lowry
Phone use on the road [editorial]
Hays Daily News, 1/16/2009 [Newsbank article]

Will Klusener
Trail's hopes are ridin' the rails
Manhattan Mercury, 1/18/2009 [Newsbank article]

Chad Lawhorn
Infrastructure, transit projects on wish list for stimulus funding
Lawrence Journal World, 1/20/2009

Brad Cooper
Commuter bus is big hit
Kansas City Star, 1/24/2009

Taylor Atkins
Web site has KDOT atwitter
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/24/2009

Mark Fagan
Turnpike crews work round the clock on bridges
Lawrence Journal World, 1/24/2009

Safety issue calls distract [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/26/2009

Brad Cooper
Task force is ready with highway program
Kansas City Star, 1/27/2009

Traffic fatalities highways safer [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/27/2009

Tim Lynn
KDOT unveils new way for motorists to provide feedback
Leavenworth Times, 1/27/2009

Kansas highway fatalities are at a record low
Johnson County Sun, 1/28/2009

Mike Hall
Officials hope choices will expand ethanol use
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/29/2009

Chad Lawhorn
Change eases sales of ethanol, biodiesel
Lawrence Journal World, 1/29/2009

McClatchy Regional News
KDOT wins case against salvage yard
Wichita Eagle, 1/30/2009 [Newsbank article]

Lisa Taylor
Biofuel pump guidelines made permanent
Junction City Daily Union, 2/1/2009

Amy Bickel
Fueling flexibility
Hutchinson News, 2/2/2009 [Newsbank article]

Brett Dalton
KDOT awaits economic stimulus bill
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 2/3/2009 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Bill would abolish KTA
Junction City Daily Union, 2/3/2009

Associated Press
Legislation would abolish Kansas Turnpike Authority
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/4/2009

Kurt Kloeblen and Loren Stanton
Pilot highway metering program to come here
Johnson County Sun, 2/4/2009

Targeting tolls [editorial]
Garden City Telegram, 2/5/2009

Eric Swanson
Tri-city coalition to push for road work
Dodge City Daily Globe, 2/5/2009

Chris Green and John Green
Bids travel a long road
Hutchinson News, 2/5/2009 [Newsbank article]

Mary Clarkin
Highway leaders will take wishes to US Capitol
Hutchinson News, 2/6/2009 [Newsbank article]

James Carlson
Stimulus includes a lift
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/6/2009

Tim Carpenter
KDOT, patrol: Don't text while driving
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/10/2009

Cell phones message drivers [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/11/2009

James Carlson
Stimulus would aid road work
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/11/2009

Bob Sigman
Young drivers at risk
Johnson County Sun, 2/11/2009

Stephanie Farley
More concerns about four-lane project
Garden City Telegram, 2/11/2009

Highway tolls KTA a survivor [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/12/2009

Jeannine Koranda and Beccy Tanner
Is turnpike a cash cow?
Wichita Eagle, 2/12/2009 [Newsbank article]

Chris Green
Turnpike bill is likely to stall in committee
Hutchinson News, 2/13/2009 [Newsbank article]

Brad Cooper
$1 billion in ideas ready
Kansas City Star, 2/14/2009

Mark Fagan
State to get $377M for road work
Lawrence Journal World, 2/14/2009

Roy Wenzl
Legislators work to toughen DUI laws
Wichita Eagle, 2/14/2009 [Newsbank article]

Kansas Department of Transportation
Kansas' share of transportation money nearly $380 million
Chanute Tribune, 2/14-15/2009

Tim Carpenter
Trooper law in doubt
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/15/2009

A rare piece of good news [editorial]
Kansas City Star, 2/15/2009

The News Staff
Trucking companies hit with fines as high as $5,000
Hutchinson News, 2/15/2009 [Newsbank article]

Eric Swanson
Massive money injection could mean good news for future area road work projects
Dodge City Daily Globe, 2/16/2009

Rhonda Holman
Caution don't rush to pass new DUI laws [editorial]
Wichita Eagle, 2/17/2009 [Newsbank article]

Mike Belt
Neighbors of highway project burned by smoke-filled skies
Lawrence Journal World, 2/17/2009

Mark Fagan
Stimulus funds could help city finish roadwork more quickly
Lawrence Journal World, 2/17/2009

Chris Green
Teen driving bill advances in House
Hutchinson News, 2/17/2009 [Newsbank article]

Mark Fagan
State to unveil its transportation list
Lawrence Journal World, 2/20/2009

Mark Fagan
Seeing what the future offers
Lawrence Journal World, 2/20/2009

Chris Green
State officials announce stimulus projects
Garden City Telegram, 2/20/2009

Chris Green
Legislature drives road-safety bills forward
Hutchinson News, 2/20/2009 [Newsbank article]

Brad Cooper
Road projects to see light of day, thanks to stimulus
Kansas City Star, 2/21/2009

Tim Carpenter
Select highways to receive funds
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/21/2009

Suzanne Perez Tobias
Road project gets federal assist
Wichita Eagle, 2/21/2009 [Newsbank article]

Scott Rothschild
'In God' plates get fee break
Lawrence Journal World, 2/21/2009

Chris Green
Funding aids K-61, other road plans
Hutchinson News, 2/21/2009 [Newsbank article]

Chris Green
House approves driving restrictions for teens
Hutchinson News, 2/21/2009 [Newsbank article]

State outlines highway projects
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 2/21/2009 [Newsbank article]

Andrew Nash
Legislators respond to shutout
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 2/21/2009 [Newsbank article]

Mark Fagan
SLT not on list of stimulus projects
Lawrence Journal World, 2/21/2009

Stimulus accomplished [editorial]
Hutchinson News, 2/22/2009 [Newsbank article]

Daniel Kelley
Federal money marked for K-18
Manhattan Mercury, 2/22/2009 [Newsbank article]

Patrice Holderbach
Commission to discuss road/path improvements
Manhattan Mercury, 2/23/2009 [Newsbank article]

Our View
Right track
Garden City Telegram, 2/23/2009

Emerson Lynn, Jr
Fed money gives new road plan time to grow [editorial]
Iola Register, 2/23/2009

Rhonda Holman
Safer progress on teen drivers, seat belts [editorial]
Wichita Eagle, 2/24/2009 [Newsbank article]

Brad Cooper
Security plans rankle Kansans
Kansas City Star, 2/24/2009

Bob Johnson
Stimulus may hasten bridge plan
Iola Register, 2/24/2009

Harold Campbell
Plans eyed for stretch of K-47
Chanute Tribune, 2/24/2009 [Newsbank article]

Chuck Kurtz
County ready to fight today for transportation funding
Johnson County Sun, 2/25/2009

Chuck Kurtz
Burlington Northern delays Gardner intermodal project
Johnson County Sun, 2/25/2009

Richard Luken
Cottonwood pace rankles Commission
Iola Register, 2/25/2009

John Green
May bid date set for part of K-61 expansion
Hutchinson News, 2/25/2009 [Newsbank article]

Brent D. Wistrom
Stimulus to set off race for roads
Wichita Eagle, 2/25/2009 [Newsbank article]

Mark Fagan
Sign work may halt I-70 traffic
Lawrence Journal World, 2/25/2009

Andrew Nash
U. S. 69 Association sees progress
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 2/26/2009 [Newsbank article]

James Carlson
Transit bill heads to Senate
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/26/2009

Dan Voorhis
No federal funds for bypass
Wichita Eagle, 2/26/2009 [Newsbank article]

Eric Swanson
Bills looking to make roadways safer include mandatory seat belt rules
Dodge City Daily Globe, 2/27/2009

Stephanie Farley
Local officials eyeing stimulus funds
Garden City Telegram, 2/27/2009

Jesse Truesdale
Potential corridor routes for K-96 topic of meeting
Hutchinson News, 2/27/2009 [Newsbank article]

Tim Carpenter
Motorist safety stressed
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/27/2009 [Newsbank article]

Matthew Clark
CCSD aims to increase seat belt usage
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 3/1/2009 [Newsbank article]

Mike Hendricks
Court says enough is enough
Kansas City Star, 3/2/2009

KDOT is satisfied with I-35/I-435 merge lane
Kansas City Star, 3/2/2009

Patrick S. Kelley
A Kansas wonder plowed under? [editorial]
Emporia Gazette, 3/3/2009

Stan Finger
Work at Kellogg, I-135 is delayed
Wichita Eagle, 3/3/2009 [Newsbank article]

Stephanie Farley
County, city partner on project application
Garden City Telegram, 3/3/2009

Eric Swanson
Ford County scrambling for slice of stimulus pie
Dodge City Daily Globe, 3/3/2009

Joshua Ames
County pursues stimulus funds for road projects
Winfield Daily Courier, 3/4/2009

Chuck Kurtz
County still in running for stimulus money
Johnson County Sun, 3/4/2009

Johnson County cities will get $17 million
Johnson County Sun, 3/4/2009

The News Staff
KDOT set to issue hay harvest permits
Hutchinson News, 3/4/2009 [Newsbank article]

James Carlson
For KDOT, budget road will be bumpy
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/5/2009

Rick Alm
Coming soon: Wi-Fi on the highway
Kansas City Star, 3/5/2009

Harold Campbell
County seeks stimulus funds for Elk Road project
Chanute Tribune, 3/5/2009 [Newsbank article]

Kevin Flaherty
County approves 2 potential projects
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 3/7/2009 [Newsbank article]

Kevin Flaherty
Transportation secy. speaks at event
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 3/7/2009 [Newsbank article]

Tim Linn
Lansing to try again for stimulus money
Leavenworth Times, 3/7/2009

Kelli Bamforth
Stimulus money to fund street project
Olathe Daily News, 3/7/2009

Patrice Holderbach
City plans to request funding
Manhattan Mercury, 3/9/2009 [Newsbank article]

Mike Hendricks
Junkyard owner offers epilogue
Kansas City Star, 3/9/2009

Tim Unruh
Airport authority puts off bond sale
Salina Journal, 3/11/2009

Jeannine Koranda
Teen-driving limits closer to passage
Wichita Eagle, 3/12/2009 [Newsbank article]

David Klepper
Don't pass time in passing lane
Kansas City Star, 3/12/2009

Chris Green
Teen driving bill likely to advance with few changes
Hutchinson News, 3/12/2009 [Newsbank article]

Joe Rodriguez
State issues first Gold Star Mother license tag
Wichita Eagle, 3/13/2009 [Newsbank article]

Time to buckle up [editorial]
Kansas City Star, 3/14/2009

Leavenworth Times, 3/14/2009

Stephanie Farley
KDOT to prioritize long list of projects
Garden City Telegram, 3/14/2009

John Green
Rail spur to be chamber target
Hutchinson News, 3/17/2009 [Newsbank article]

Greg Hack
Car loan defaults pick up speed
Kansas City Star, 3/18/2009

Associated Press
Tire maker seeks Kansas aid
Kansas City Star, 3/18/2009

Francesca Chambers
Goodyear plan scrutinized
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/18/2009 [Newsbank article]

Mark Fagan
Turnpike work on track
Lawrence Journal World, 3/18/2009

Chris Green
Teen driving limits speed forward
Hutchinson News, 3/18/2009 [Newsbank article]

Molly McMillin
State to help fix runways
Wichita Eagle, 3/19/2009 [Newsbank article]

John Milburn
Kansas legislature advances license age bill
Kansas City Star, 3/19/2009

Tim Carpenter
Seat belt legislation hits snag
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/19/2009

Jeff Myrick
Grass to go greener at Vinland airport
Lawrence Journal World, 3/19/2009

Chris Green
Driving safety measures face different fates
Hays Daily News, 3/19/2009

Chris Green
Driving bills are destined for opposite fates
Hutchinson News, 3/19/2009 [Newsbank article]

Jeannine Koranda
Driver's license bill on governor's desk
Wichita Eagle, 3/20/2009 [Newsbank article]

Courier Views
Don't be silly about seat belts
Winfield Daily Courier, 3/20/2009

John Hanna
Kan. works on new road plan without hope of funds
Winfield Daily Courier, 3/21/2009

The legislature gets it right [editorial]
Manhattan Mercury, 3/22/2009 [Newsbank article]

Safety steps [editorial]
Lawrence Journal World, 3/22/2009

State offering grants for using waste tires
Lawrence Journal World, 3/23/2009

Patrick S. Kelley
Because we love them [editorial]
Emporia Gazette, 3/23/2009

Derek Schmidt
Senate focuses on driving regs
Iola Register, 3/23/2009

Mike Hall
Street project funds OK'd
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/24/2009 [Newsbank article]

Saving jobs good bargain [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/24/2009

Mike Hall
$11.3M pegged for 17 counties
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/24/2009 [Newsbank article]

Jack Weinstein
Council approves KDOT agreement for quiet zone
Olathe Daily News, 3/21/2009

The Telegram
Projects won't receive money
Garden City Telegram, 3/23/2009

Stephanie Farley
Project too pricey
Garden City Telegram, 3/24/2009

Gayle Weber
Six area road projects get stimulus money
Hays Daily News, 3/24/2009 [Newsbank article]

Local projects receive stimulus funding
Chanute Tribune, 3/24/2009 [Newsbank article]

The News Staff
77 projects will receive some stimulus funds
Hutchinson News, 3/24/2009 [Newsbank article]

Eric Brown
Down. But not out
Junction City Daily Union, 3/25/2009

Melissa Smith
Campaign continues for drivers to buckle up
Chanute Tribune, 3/26/2009 [Newsbank article]

Groups can help keep Kansas highways clean
Chanute Tribune, 3/26/2009 [Newsbank article]

Public transit service affected in Pittsburg
Chanute Tribune, 3/26/2009 [Newsbank article]

Will Klusener
Pott Co. would get biggest boost from US-24 project
Manhattan Mercury, 3/26/2009 [Newsbank article]

Melissa Smith
Federal grant hedges on passage of seat belt law
Chanute Tribune, 3/27/2009 [Newsbank article]

David Klepper
New limits on Kansas teen drivers
Kansas City Star, 3/28/2009 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Law cuts cell use by teen drivers
Wichita Eagle, 3/29/2009

Tim Carpenter
Unrestricted driving age raised
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/28/2009

Brett Dalton
Local transit service put on hold
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 3/29/2009 [Newsbank article]

Safe calls [editorial]
Garden City Telegram, 3/30/2009

Ben Wearing
CMB: I'm driving right now [editorial]
Salina Journal, 3/31/2009

Seat belts student safety [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/31/2009

New rules for young drivers [editorial]
Johnson County Sun, 4/1/2009

Special to The Gazette
Chase, Osage Counties get federal stimulus project
Emporia Gazette, 4/1/2009

Shajia Ahmad
Authorities raising seat-belt awareness
Garden City Telegram, 4/1/2009

Seat belt usage dropping in county
Olathe Daily News, 4/1/2009

Brett Dalton
Watco projects receive stimulus funds
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 4/1/2009 [Newsbank article]

Jim Sullinger and Jeannine Koranda
Gilmore's license bill a reality
Olathe Daily News, 4/1/2009

Staff Reports
Personalized tags targeted
Lawrence Journal World, 4/2/2009

Ryan Christner
Officials brainstorm ways to improve seat belt use
Hays Daily News, 4/2/2009 [Newsbank article]

Joe Rodriguez
Video's goal: Educate teen drivers
Wichita Eagle, 4/3/2009

Dion Lefler
Bill lets police pull unbelted motorists over
Wichita Eagle, 4/3/2009

Special to The Daily Union
KDOT announces bids for highway projects
Junction City Daily Union, 4/3/2009

Mark Fagan
Amtrak adds signs to depot restoration
Lawrence Journal World, 4/4/2009

Salina Journal
KDOT approves bids for road projects
Salina Journal, 4/4/2009 [Newsbank article]

Foss Farrar
Passenger rail group wants KDOT to seek federal stimulus
Winfield Daily Courier, 4/4/2009

Emily Behlmann
Garden City train depot to receive stimulus aid
Garden City Telegram, 4/4/2009

Chris Green
Seat belt bill fails to click in House
Hutchinson News, 4/4/2009 [Newsbank article]

Patrick S. Kelley
We are shocked! Shocked! [editorial]
Emporia Gazette, 4/4-5/2009

Beccy Tanner
Renamed road honors 'atomic vets'
Hays Daily News, 4/6/2009

Mike Hall
KDOT, KHP seek to educate drivers
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/7/2009

Mark Fagan
KDOT spreads word about work zone safety
Lawrence Journal World, 4/7/2009

Our View
Weak restraint
Garden City Telegram, 4/7/2009

Bob Gingrich
Talk back [letters to the editor]
Johnson County Sun, 4/8/2009

Loren Stanton
If you text and drive, look out
Johnson County Sun, 4/8/2009

Local innovation [editorial]
Hutchinson News, 4/12/2009

Safety issues buckle up [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/13/2009

Sign of the times [editorial]
Hutchinson News, 4/13/2009

Mary Clarkin
KDOT touts stricter seat belt enforcement
Hutchinson News, 4/15/2009 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
KDOT calls for tougher seat belt law
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 4/16/2009

Chris Green
Topeka firm wins McPherson portions of K-61 project
Hutchinson News, 4/16/2009 [Newsbank article]

Busy highways cycle season [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/17/2009

Seat belt law [editorial]
Hutchinson News, 4/17/2009 [Newsbank article]

The Topeka Capital-Journal
Seat belt regulations [editorial]
Hays Daily News, 4/20/2009

Tim Hrenchir
US-24 study may shift gears
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/21/2009

U.S. highway 24 to be dedicated today
Salina Journal, 4/23/2009 [Newsbank article]

Brandy Nance
County told fewer ride lcat buses in 1st quarter
Emporia Gazette, 4/23/2009 [Newsbank article]

Staff Reports
Good deals coming in on projects
Lawrence Journal World, 4/24/2009

Brandy Nance
Lcat gets stimulus grant of $369,500
Emporia Gazette, 4/24/2009

Mark Fagan
Contractors eager for stimulus
Lawrence Journal World, 4/24/2009

Chad Lawhorn
Federal lawsuit under way in South Lawrence trafficway plans
Lawrence Journal World, 4/24/2009

The Emporia Gazette
U.S. 56 speed ups to 60 mph
Emporia Gazette, 4/25-26/2009

James Carlson
KBI investigating threats to KDOT
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/25/2009

States stuck in neutral on seat-belt legislation [editorial]
Kansas City Star, 4/27/2009 [Newsbank article]

Road safety whose fault? [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/28/2009

Linda Friedel
Advocates want to expand passenger train service
Johnson County Sun, 4/29/2009

Mark Fagan
More transit funds may be on way
Lawrence Journal World, 4/30/2009

Saturation patrol set this weekend
Garden City Telegram, 4/30/2009

Mike Hall
$2 million rolled out to buy buses for city
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/1/2009 [Newsbank article]

Mark Fagan
City transit system receives additional $1 million in stimulus
Lawrence Journal World, 5/1/2009

Harold Campbell
More than a dozen county roads closed due to flooding
Chanute Tribune, 5/1/2009 [Newsbank article]

Carl Manning
In Kan., stimulus means change to rural highway
Hutchinson News, 5/1/2009 [Newsbank article]

Mary Clarkin
Finney and Reno counties to reap benefits for transit systems; budget gets break
Hutchinson News, 5/1/2009

John Green
Kan. projects riding on stimulus funds
Hutchinson News, 5/1/2009

Tim Linn
Council could get new rides
Leavenworth Times, 5/1/2009

Brett Dalton
Seat belt program increases students' usage
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 5/2/2009 [Newsbank article]

Mark Fagan
Hit the road
Lawrence Journal World, 5/3/2009

Associated Press
In Kansas, stimulus means change to rural highway
Hays Daily News, 5/3/2009

Bids sought for bus route from Wichita to Pueblo
Hays Daily News, 5/3/2009

Associated Press
Counties will sue state over highway funds
Lawrence Journal World, 5/4/2009

Associated Press
Western counties join highway fund lawsuit
Emporia Gazette, 5/4/2009

Design changes in the works for busy interchange
Kansas City Star, 5/4/2009 [Newsbank article]

Mike Hall
KDOT to take charge of proposal for roadway
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/5/2009

Jason Gertzen
Fledgling ventures have biotech nest in KU facility
Kansas City Star, 5/5/2009

KTEC change [editorial]
Lawrence Journal World, 5/5/2009

Scott Rothschild
Parkinson differs from Sebelius on KTEC
Lawrence Journal World, 5/5/2009

Stephanie Farley
Landowners dealing with project consequences
Garden City Telegram, 5/5/2009

Dion Lefler
Close vote kills seat belt proposal
Wichita Eagle, 5/6/2009 [Newsbank article]

Brad Cooper
Tolls for highway work: Easier pill to swallow?
Kansas City Star, 5/6/2009 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Parkinson may preserve KTEC funds
Wichita Eagle, 5/6/2009 [Newsbank article]

Stephanie Farley
Bus system to see $1.9 million in stimulus
Garden City Telegram, 5/7/2009

Tim Hrenchir
Details of I-70 project emerge
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/8/2009 [Newsbank article]

KDOT awards bids for area projects
Lawrence Journal World, 5/8/2009

Seat belt bill [editorial]
Hutchinson News, 5/8/2009 [Newsbank article]

David Petrey
Road safety [letter to the editor]
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 5/8/2009 [Newsbank article]

Tarryn Riney
Safety a personal choice
Hutchinson News, 5/8/2009 [Newsbank article]

Special to The Daily Union
KDOT to test 511 map this week
Junction City Daily Union, 5/9/2009

Matt Zimmerman
Stimulus funds can rebuild passenger rail infrastructure [commentary]
Emporia Gazette, 5/9-10/2009

Brad Cooper
Select Kansas roads to get cables
Kansas City Star, 5/12/2009

From Staff and Wire Reports
KDOT to install safety feature on US-75
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/13/2009

Mike Hendricks
Red-light cameras are no go in Kansas
Kansas City Star, 5/13/2009 [Newsbank article]

Special to The Daily Union
KDOT to install cable median barriers
Junction City Daily Union, 5/13/2009

Foss Farrar
KDOT seeks federal funding for rail safety improvements
Winfield Daily Courier, 5/13/2009

Our View
Highway help
Garden City Telegram, 5/13/2009

Highway work set to pick up
Garden City Telegram, 5/16/2009

U.S. 83 project to start Monday
Garden City Telegram, 5/16/2009

Stephanie Farley
KDOT acquires last piece of property
Garden City Telegram, 5/19/2009

Mike Hall
Midtown roundabout on tap
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/20/2009

Kevin Elliott
Highway patrol urges awareness of motorcycles
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/20/2009

Stephanie Farley
KDOT acquires last piece of land for project
Hutchinson News, 5/20/2009 [Newsbank article]

John Green
Rail revival on horizon
Hutchinson News, 5/20/2009 [Newsbank article]

Companies invited to participate in Adopt-a-Highway program
Johnson County Sun, 5/20/2009

Foss Farrar
Roundabout to be built on Ark City bypass
Winfield Daily Courier, 5/20/2009

Associated Press
Kansas seeks rail funding
Garden City Telegram, 5/21/2009

Amtrak rail stimulus [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/21/2009

Associated Press
Kan. seeks $20M in fed funding for rail
Junction City Daily Union, 5/21/2009

Bobbi Mlynar
County says 'click it or ticket'
Emporia Gazette, 5/21/2009

Kansas Department of Transportation says 'Click it. or Ticket' to save lives, minds
Chanute Tribune, 5/22/2009 [Newsbank article]

Brad Cooper
Teen drivers and texting a deadly mix
Kansas City Star, 5/26/2009 [Newsbank article]

Martin Hawver
Seat belt has it all wrong
Junction City Daily Union, 5/26/2009

Loren Stanton
State buys QuikTrip to make room for highway project
Johnson County Sun, 5/27/2009

Lives, money lost [editorial]
Lawrence Journal World, 5/27/2009

Associated Press
Dueling state projects use stimulus money
Manhattan Mercury, 5/27/2009

Philip Hartsfield
Officers focus on seat belt use
Hays Daily News, 5/28/2009 [Newsbank article]

Michael Caron
Green lipstick [public forum]
Lawrence Journal World, 5/29/2009

Andrew Lawson
Ark City roundabout construction starts
Winfield Daily Courier, 5/29/2009

Ashley Anstaett
Attorney General wins lawsuit against Utah company
Junction City Daily Union, 5/29/2009

KDOT testing highway pavement strength
Chanute Tribune, 5/29/2009 [Newsbank article]

Mary Clarkin
Farmers want to reroute proposed K-96 expansion
Hutchinson News, 5/29/2009

Special to The Daily Union
Artist Stan Herd to promote Kansas Scenic Byways
Junction City Daily Union, 5/30-31/6/1/2009

Mark Fagan
State ranks fourth for road-savvy drivers
Lawrence Journal World, 5/31/2009



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