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Wildlife & Parks

2007 Session - January through May

The State Library of Kansas' Legislative Reference Section maintains a collection of clipped newspaper articles on topics relating to subjects pertinent to issues in Kansas state government. Below is a listing of clipped articles taken from several different newspapers relating to WILDLIFE & PARKS, January through May, 2007.

The Clippings books are available for use in the library. You may photocopy articles from the books. If you have questions regarding this collection please feel free to contact State Library staff. Contact information is found at the top and bottom of this page.

The Clippings List is generally arranged chronologically through the year.

Each article cited contains the following information:

Author of article (if any is present)
Title of Article
Newspaper title and date of issue

ARTICLES ON WILDLIFE AND PARKS, January through May, 2007

Visit Kansas state parks in 2007, for less
Manhattan Mercury, 1/2/2007

Associated Press
State's first theme park on schedule for May opening
Lawrence Journal World, 1/3/2007

Michael Pearce
Worth a shot? Deer-hunting ideas begin trek in Topeka
Wichita Eagle, 1/7/2007

Michael Pearce
Western Kansas' winter storm hits wildlife
Wichita Eagle, 1/7/2007

Rick Alm
Safety laws are needed for Kansas theme parks
Kansas City Star, 1/9/2007 [Newsbank article]

Coverage names can be confusing
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/10/2007

Tim Carpenter
State park name offered
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/10/2007

In brief
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/11/2007

Amy Bickel
Pheasants face stormy times
Hutchinson News, 1/12/2007 [Newsbank article]

Amy Bickel and Dave Stephens
Canada geese are warming up to our state, and that's a problem for some
Hutchinson News, 1/14/2007 [Newsbank article]

Marc Murrell
KDWP to present deer recommendations to Legislature
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/14/2007

Ralph Ostmeyer
Need is there to protect property
Hays Daily News, 1/14/2007

Amanda O'Toole
Gift of creature comfort couple give $1 million to Humane Society
Wichita Eagle, 1/18/2007 [Newsbank article]

Jonathan Kealing
Eagles Day to showcase birds
Lawrence Journal World, 1/19/2007

Sarah Kessinger
Agency requests less deer oversight
Salina Journal, 1/19/2007 [Newsbank article]

Dave Stephens
Honest, it's not that I don't care
Hutchinson News, 1/21/2007

Finn Bullers
Pit bull ban in parks mulled
Kansas City Star, 1/22/2007 [Newsbank article]

Dave Hilley
Wildlife at Quivira
Hutchinson News, 1/22/2007 [Newsbank article]

Laura Stroda
Milford Lake gains new, young manager
Junction City Daily Union, 1/22/2007

Clara Kilbourn
Kansas a hot spot for bald eagles
Hutchinson News, 1/24/2007 [Newsbank article]

Rick Dean
Man's best friend? You bet
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/25/2007

Rick Dean
Writer, outdoorsman, vet, dad dies at 58
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/25/2007

Jim Ramberg: 1948-2007 "(Ramberg's dogs) really are better than yours, you know."
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/25/2007

Mike Belt
Swine still running wild in rural areas
Lawrence Journal World, 1/25/2007

Associated Press
Helicopter and gunmen to control pig population
Wichita Eagle, 1/26/2007 [Newsbank article]

James Carlson
Name of state park would be Kaw Valley
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/26/2007

Mike Corn
KDWP lawyer writing proposal that could replace existing deer laws
Hays Daily News, 1/26/2007

Associated Press
Kansas to try to eradicate wild hogs again
Chanute Tribune, 1/26/2007 [Newsbank article]

KDWP Reports
Meade OK with kids
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/28/2007

Michael Pearce
No mountain lions yet, but Lynx sightings persist
Wichita Eagle, 1/28/2007 [Newsbank article]

David Klepper and Jim Sullinger
Kansas park gets name
Kansas City Star, 1/29/2007 [Newsbank article]

Doug Vance
Recreation is essential service
Lawrence Journal World, 2/1/2007

Jennifer Oldridge
Foundation preserves the state's wild spaces
Lawrence Journal World, 2/1/2007

Laura Bauer
On prairie, these dogs are divisive
Kansas City Star, 2/2/2007 [Newsbank article]

Mike Corn
Legislator wants to strip KDWP of oversight authority
Hays Daily News, 2/2/2007

Michael Pearce
Give a little
Wichita Eagle, 2/4/2007 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Wildlife Dept. to expand production of sterile fish
Wichita Eagle, 2/8/2007 [Newsbank article]

Zoos honored
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/9/2007

Steven Hausler
Lawmakers face task of deer laws
Hays Daily News, 2/9/2007

Marc Murrell
Kansas lakes offer wintertime fishing
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/11/2007

Dave Stephens
Hunters must defend rights
Hutchinson News, 2/11/2007

Mike Belt
Bald eagle fighting for life
Lawrence Journal World, 2/13/2007

John Milburn
Kansas courting feds to lure jobs, money once again
Hutchinson News, 2/12/2007 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Cedars endangering prairie ecosystem
Hutchinson News, 2/12/2007

Associated Press
Red cedars endangering prairie ecosystem
Salina Journal, 2/12/2007

Beccy Tanner
Bird book crows of local diversity
Wichita Eagle, 2/19/2007 [Newsbank article]

Anne Henry
Johnson County needs to step up for animal shelter
Kansas City Star, 2/19/2007 [Newsbank article]

Dolores Hope
Bricolage a plenty
Garden City Telegram, 2/21/2007

Paul Babcock
Reader forum legislation might have effect on hunting opportunities
Hays Daily News, 2/22/2007

Mike Corn
Changes revert back to old deer laws
Hays Daily News, 2/23/2007 [Newsbank article]

Terry Bertels
Parks system doesn't rest on laurels
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/24/2007 [Newsbank article]

Michael Pearce
State targets hogs
Wichita Eagle, 2/25/2007 [Newsbank article]

Rural disconnect points vets in other directions
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/25/2007

Beccy Tanner
Why so many cows? Wichita's the perfect roost
Wichita Eagle, 2/26/2007

Jason Probst
Police station's bird solution a problem for some neighbors
Hutchinson News, 2/28/2007 [Newsbank article]

Tim Hrenchir
Trout makes splash
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/2/2007 [Newsbank article]

Finn Bullers
Bill aims to rein in park board
Kansas City Star, 3/3/2007 [Newsbank article]

Gayle Weber
Work ready to begin at wetlands
Hays Daily News, 3/4/2007 [Newsbank article]

Michael Pearce
Deer bill hits snag in Senate
Wichita Eagle, 3/4/2007 [Newsbank article]

Tim Hrenchir
Riverfront development sought
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/5/2007

Chad Lawhorn
Work set to begin at Sesquicentennial Park
Lawrence Journal World, 3/7/2007

Mario Sequeira
Commissioners oppose Olathe bill on park tax power
Johnson County Sun, 3/8/2007

Beccy Tanner
Blackbirds gang up on cars, sidewalks
Wichita Eagle, 3/9/2007 [Newsbank article]

Randy Scholfield
Re-create what could our parks be?
Wichita Eagle, 3/10/2007 [Newsbank article]

Jack Weinstein
County addresses taxing authority
Olathe Daily News, 3/10/2007

Michael Pearce
Bird hunters have their say
Wichita Eagle, 3/11/2007 [Newsbank article]

Dion Lefler
Sebelius ties to parkland buyers under scrutiny
Wichita Eagle, 3/11/2007 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Questions raised about state deal with developers
Hutchinson News, 3/12/2007 [Newsbank article]

Erin Castaneda
Die-off stings bee industry
Lawrence Journal World, 3/14/2007

Editorial Board
Just say no -Turbines and birds: The two don't mix
Hutchinson News, 3/16/2007 [Newsbank article]

Man poisoning prairie dogs gets fine
Chanute Tribune, 3/16/2007

Tim Carpenter
A walk in the park? Not hardly
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/17/2007

Brian Rees
Springtime in Kansas!
Emporia Gazette, 3/17-18/2007

Wildlife and Parks
Fees reduced to enter state parks
Lawrence Journal World, 3/18/2007

Michael Pearce
Kansas aims to build a better fish
Wichita Eagle, 3/18/2007 [Newsbank article]

Michael Pearce
Deer hunt changes minimal
Wichita Eagle, 3/18/2007 [Newsbank article]

Wildlife and Parks
Hunting accidents decrease in state
Lawrence Journal World, 3/18/2007

Wildlife and Parks
QU offering seed for state landowners
Lawrence Journal World, 3/18/2007

Wildlife and Parks
Crappie targeted for tags to provide info for biologists
Lawrence Journal World, 3/18/2007

Dave Stephens
Sand Hills park gets a facelift
Hutchinson News, 3/18/2007 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
This time it's killing our dogs, cats
Hutchinson News, 3/18/2007 [Newsbank article]

The Capital-Journal Editorial Board
Topeka zoo give it a try [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/19/2007

John Hanna
Lease, politics make small park a big budget issue
Manhattan Mercury, 3/19/2007

Tim Carpenter
Park flap signals delays
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/21/2007
Mike Belt
Parks agents to patrol underage drinking
Lawrence Journal World, 3/21/2007

State park fee bargains available through March 31
Chanute Tribune, 3/21/2007 [Newsbank article]

Paul Babcock
Transferable hunting permits should be nixed
Hays Daily News, 3/22/2007 [Newsbank article]

Deb Gruver
Shelter pets didn't get recalled food
Wichita Eagle, 3/23/2007 [Newsbank article]

Tim Potter
Toxic food suspected in several area pets' deaths
Wichita Eagle, 3/24/2007 [Newsbank article]

Pet food scar fatal food hounds owners
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/24/2007

Eagle Staff and News Service
Company expands recall the culprit in deadly pet food: Rat poison
Wichita Eagle, 3/24/2007 [Newsbank article]

Scott Canon
With some help, wild hogs take root in region
Kansas City Star, 3/25/2007 [Newsbank article]

Ralph Ostmeyer
Bill would put teeth into wildlife tickets
Hays Daily News, 3/25/2007

Associated Press
State kills 257 wild hogs, but eradication unlikely
Hutchinson News, 3/26/2007 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Hunters kill 257 havoc-wreaking wild hogs
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/26/2007

Mike Belt
Hunt targets hog haven at Clinton Lake
Lawrence Journal World, 3/26/2007

Associated Press
State kills 257 wild hogs, but eradication called unlikely
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 3/26/2007

Finn Bullers
A quiet location to flee the city
Kansas City Star, 3/27/2007 [Newsbank article]

Nurturing nature checkoff gets longer lifespan
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/30/2007

Jennifer Mann
Pet food recall widens to dry type
Kansas City Star, 3/31/2007 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Official admits poisoning animals
Lawrence Journal World, 4/2/2007

Mike Belt
Overlooked? Park slowly fulfills potential
Lawrence Journal World, 4/2/2007

Mike Belt
Playwright conducts symphony of car horns at overlook park
Lawrence Journal World, 4/2/2007

Associated Press
County official admits to poisoning prairie dog
Garden City Telegram, 4/2/2007

Michael Pearce
House passes bill ending resale of landowner deer permits
Wichita Eagle, 4/4/2007 [Newsbank article]

Tim Potter and Brent D. Wistrom
Proposed dog rules single out pit bulls
Wichita Eagle, 4/5/2007 [Newsbank article]

Tim Hrenchir
Lake Shawnee: Later, gator
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/6/2007 [Newsbank article]

Paul Babcock
Lawmakers should halt bill regarding transferable permits
Hays Daily News, 4/6/2007

Michael Pearce
Governor's hunt keeps on growing in El Dorado
Wichita Eagle, 4/8/2007 [Newsbank article]

Eric Weslander
Butterfly art project may be sweet for bees
Lawrence Journal World, 4/9/2007

Ric Anderson
Exotic pets need kept in check
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/7/2007

State recovers multiple exotic ex-pets each year
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/7/2007

Associated Press
Harsh winter means lost wildlife
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/8/2007

Brent Frazee
Kansas turkey hunters should be in for treat
Kansas City Star, 4/10/2007 [Newsbank article]

Randy Scholfield
Danger more pit bull restrictions make sense
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/12/2007

Ric Anderson
Humans, wild beasts don't mix
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/13/2007

The Capital-Journal Editorial Board
Errant alligator risky for all
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/13/2007

You said it
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/14/2007

Mike Corn
New deer law needs governor's approval
Hutchinson News, 4/16/2007 [Newsbank article]



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