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2007 Session - January through May

The State Library of Kansas' Legislative Reference Section maintains a collection of clipped newspaper articles on topics relating to subjects pertinent to issues in Kansas state government. Below is a listing of clipped articles taken from several different newspapers relating to LABOR, January through May, 2007.

The Clippings books are available for use in the library. You may photocopy articles from the books. If you have questions regarding this collection please feel free to contact State Library staff. Contact information is found at the top and bottom of this page.

The Clippings List is generally arranged chronologically through the year.

Each article cited contains the following information:

Author of article (if any is present)
Title of Article
Newspaper title and date of issue


Phyllis Jacobs Griekspoor
Small business had lackluster 2006
Wichita Eagle, 1/4/2007 [Newsbank article]

Tim Carpenter
Hiring illegal workers could mean big fine
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/4/2007

David Klepper
Kansas bonuses would aid job hunts
Kansas City Star, 1/5/2007 [Newsbank article]

Martin Hawver
Sebelius, organized labor at odds
Junction City Daily Union, 1/8/2007

Martin Hawver
At the rail
Metro News, 1/12/2007

Dan Voorhis
Businesses prepare for a possible hike in pay
Wichita Eagle, 1/14/2007 [Newsbank article]

Emporia Gazette
Signing bonus proposal
Kansas City Star, 1/14/2007 [Newsbank article]

Mike Kiegerl
Minimum wage hikes bad for workers, economy
Olathe Daily News, 1/16/2007

Michael Hooper
Goodyear says tire production rolling along
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/19/2007

Readers Response what do the others make?
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/19/2007

Katie Stockstill
Minimum wage debate wages on
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 1/19/2007 [Newsbank article]

Sarah Kessinger
Panel to review labor needs, immigration
Hutchinson News, 1/20/2007

Sarah Kessinger
Senator calls for more legal immigration
Salina Journal, 1/20/2007 [Newsbank article]

Matt McNabb
Wage hike could cost customers
Hutchinson News, 1/21/2007 [Newsbank article]

Jason Probst
Tyson fined $40,000 in Hutch death
Hutchinson News, 1/23/2007 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Kansas unemployment rate drops
Winfield Daily Courier, 1/23/2007

Diane Stafford
Job growth continues, but private sector is slow
Kansas City Star, 1/24/2007 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Kansas unemployment rate drops to 4.1 percent
Hutchinson News, 1/24/2007

Associated Press
Kansas unemployment rate drops to 4.1 percent in December
Chanute Tribune, 1/24/2007

More visas will be needed [editorial]
Salina Journal, 1/25/2007

Dan Voorhis
48% of jobless pay in error? Sort of
Wichita Eagle, 1/27/2007

Scott Rothschild
Political fight erupts on jobless audit
Lawrence Journal World, 1/30/2007

John Hanna
Parties spar over benefits audit
Lawrence Journal World, 1/30/2007

Scott Rothschild
Report: Benefits overpaid
Lawrence Journal World, 1/31/2007

Mark McCormick
Bill would give rights to fired workers
Wichita Eagle, 1/31/2007 [Newsbank article]

Kristen Waggener
Governor seeks to boost number of skilled workers
Garden City Telegram, 2/3/2007

Ron Sylvester
Couple on trial over immigrants' papers
Wichita Eagle, 2/7/2007 [Newsbank article]

Tim Carpenter
Bill would make licensing uniform
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/7/2007

Dan Voorhis
Trade center did a lot with grant
Wichita Eagle, 2/8/2007 [Newsbank article]

Michael Hooper
Goodyear loses contract
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/8/2007

Occupational hazards the most fatal work in Kansas
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/9/2007

James Carlson
Hearing focuses on unemployment services
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/10/2007

Michael Hooper
Number of jobs tells story
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/13/2007

Bob O'Connor
WIBA's 007 goals: Legislation, diversity, networking
Wichita Eagle, 2/15/2007

Jerry Siebenmark
PEOs ask state to regulate industry
Wichita Eagle, 2/15/2007 [Newsbank article]

Randy Scholfield
Kansas: Beware of creeping socialism? [opinion]
Wichita Eagle, 2/16/2007 [Newsbank article]

Crowson's view [cartoon]
Wichita Eagle, 2/16/2007

Socialist state?
Hutchinson News, 2/18/2007 [Newsbank article]

David Clouston
Saline County's appealing labor cost
Salina Journal, 2/18/2007

Duane Schrag
Job opportunities draw immigrants to Salina
Salina Journal, 2/18/2007

Who are those 19,000 low-wage workers?
Wichita Eagle, 2/19/2007 [Newsbank article]

Eagle Staff and News Service
Tyson workers seek pay to dress
Wichita Eagle, 2/22/2007 [Newsbank article]

Scott Rothschild
Kansas House defeats state minimum wage increase
Lawrence Journal World, 2/22/2007

Chris Green
State's minimum wage law left unchanged despite debate
Garden City Telegram, 2/22/2007

Kansas House took stand against minimum-wage increase, socialism
Wichita Eagle, 2/23/2007 [Newsbank article]

Nicolas Shump
Lawmakers need to read Marx
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/25/2007

Jim Sullinger and David Klepper
Ugly side of enacting laws
Kansas City Star, 2/26/2007 [Newsbank article]

John R. Todd
Chamber correct: Wage laws a form of socialism
Wichita Eagle, 2/28/2007 [Newsbank article]

Tim Vandenack
Union targets Dodge City packing plant
Hutchinson News, 2/27/2007 [Newsbank article]

Eagle Staff
Business conditions index rises slightly
Wichita Eagle, 3/2/2007 [Newsbank article]

Fred Mann
Rural labor force grows
Wichita Eagle, 3/3/2007 [Newsbank article ]

Heather Hollingsworth
KC nonprofits fight wage theft
Wichita Eagle, 3/5/2007 [Newsbank article]

Heather Hollingsworth
Project helps Hispanics gain lost wages
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/5/2007

Tim Carpenter
Benefits reversal fails in House
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/7/2007

Associated Press
House forces more talks on jobless measure
Manhattan Mercury, 3/7/2007

The Capital-Journal
Goodyear to revise benefits
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/9/2007

Tim Carpenter
Unemployment claim period still unresolved
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/13/2007

Michael Hooper
Goodyear exec's pay released
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/13/2007

Special to The Olathe News
Businesses win benefit battle
Olathe Daily News, 3/13/2007

Jim Sullinger
More Kansas jobless funds rejected
Kansas City Star, 3/13/2007 [Newsbank article]

Dennis McKinney
Legislature debating unemployment insurance
Dodge City Daily Globe, 3/13/2007

Unemployment move good for businesses [opinion]
Olathe Daily News, 3/14/2007

John Hanna
Jobless workers bill goes to governor
Lawrence Journal World, 3/16/2007

Jim Sullinger
Unemployment compromise OK'd
Kansas City Star, 3/16/2007 [Newsbank article]

Roxana Hegeman
Workers preparing for raids
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/14/2007



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