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2007 Session - June through December

The State Library of Kansas' Legislative Reference Section maintains a collection of clipped newspaper articles on topics relating to subjects pertinent to issues in Kansas state government. Below is a listing of clipped articles taken from several different newspapers relating to AGRICULTURE, June through December, 2007.

The Clippings books are available for use in the library. You may photocopy articles from the books. If you have questions regarding this collection please feel free to contact State Library staff. Contact information is found at the top and bottom of this page.

The Clippings List is generally arranged chronologically through the year.

Each article cited contains the following information:

Author of article (if any is present)
Title of Article
Newspaper title and date of issue

ARTICLES ON AGRICULTURE, June through December, 2007

Stephanie Farley
BED shines the light
Garden City Telegram, 6/1/2007

Mike Shields
Farm Bill aids Kansans
Salina Journal, 6/5/2007 [Newsbank article]

Amy Bickel
Kansas farmers testify in favor of farm subsidies
Hutchinson News, 6/6/2007 [Newsbank article]

Tim Carpenter
Farms' future hinges on bill
Topeka Capital Journal, 6/6/2007

Editorial Board
Gut check
Hutchinson News, 6/8/2007 [Newsbank article]

Amy M. Cotham
Animal medical helps farmers track their cattle
Chanute Tribune, 6/8/2007

Associated Press
Tyson recalling ground beef
Topeka Capital Journal, 6/9/2007

Phyllis Jacobs Griekspoor
2007 Kansas wheat farmers full fields, empty tanks
Wichita Eagle, 6/10/2007

Mike Corn
Wheat program closes
Hays Daily News, 6/11/2007 [Newsbank article]

Phyllis Jacobs Griekspoor
First crops of this year's wheat harvest disappoint
Wichita Eagle, 6/13/2007 [Newsbank article]

Amy Bickel
Ahead of the game
Hutchinson News, 6/13/2007

Our View
Growing trend
Garden City Telegram, 6/13/2007

Adrian Polansky
Farm bill vital to Kansas agriculture
Hutchinson News, 6/14/2007

James Carlson
One year later, questions linger
Topeka Capital Journal, 6/15/2007

Amy Bickel
High prices can't help Kansas wheat crop
Hutchinson News, 6/16/2007 [Newsbank article]

Amy Bickel
Farms struggling to fill jobs rely on immigrant workers
Hutchinson News, 6/17/2007

Clara Kilbourn
Still punching the clock
Hutchinson News, 6/17/2007 [Newsbank article]

Amy Bickel
For farmer in Plevna. . . it's a girl thing
Hutchinson News, 6/18/2007 [Newsbank article]

Amy Bickel
Harvest crawls in S. Kansas
Hutchinson News, 6/20/2007 [Newsbank article]

Phyllis Jacobs Griekspoor
As wheat harvest gets under way, quality varies
Wichita Eagle, 6/21/2007 [Newsbank article]

Roxana Hegeman
Kansas wheat immigration rules cause concern for harvesters trying to find help
Lawrence Journal World, 6/21/2007

Amy Bickel
No bin-busters this harvest
Hutchinson News, 6/21/2007 [Newsbank article]

Mike Hall
7-year term ordered in fraud
Topeka Capital Journal, 6/22/2007

Victoria Sizemore Long
Rains hamper harvest
Kansas City Star, 6/22/2007 [Newsbank article]

Mark Fagan
Wheat harvest limps ahead
Lawrence Journal World, 6/22/2007

Amy Bickel
Hail proves problematic for harvesters
Hutchinson News, 6/22/2007 [Newsbank article]

Bob Duran
There's more to the harvest than the harvest itself
Hutchinson News, 6/23/2007 [Newsbank article]

Phyllis Jacobs Griekspoor
Wheat prices near record levels
Wichita Eagle, 6/24/2007 [Newsbank article]

Amy Bickel
Elevators brace for grim harvest
Hutchinson News, 6/24/2007

Mike Hall
A unique display of forgiveness
Topeka Capital Journal, 6/25/2007

Mike Corn
Army worms taking a bite out of wheat crops
Lawrence Journal World, 6/27/2007
Stephanie Farley
Producers, cutters adapt to loss of state program
Garden City Telegram, 6/27/2007

Kathy Hanks
K-27 work delayed for harvest
Hutchinson News, 6/28/2007

Jerry Moran
Is the pen mightier than farmer's plow?
Wichita Eagle, 7/1/2007 [Newsbank article]
Phyllis Jacobs Griekspoor
Grain prices not at fault for food costs
Wichita Eagle, 7/1/2007
Phyllis Jacobs Griekspoor
Cotton thriving despite fewer planted acres
Wichita Eagle, 7/7/2007 [Newsbank article]
Phil Anderson
Wheat harvest ongoing
Topeka Capital Journal, 7/8/2007
Amy Bickel
This year's bin-buster is the kind of problem farmers and elevators in Western Kansas
Hutchinson News, 7/9/2007 [Newsbank article]
Stephanie Farley
Sebelius eases requirements for truckers waiting for fuel
Garden City Telegram, 7/11/2007

Amy Bickel
Farmers say year is one to remember
Hutchinson News, 7/13/2007 [Newsbank article]

Stephanie Farley
Farmers encouraged by year's wheat
Garden City Telegram, 7/19/2007

Amy Bickel
Bread basket near empty
Hutchinson News, 7/21/2007 [Newsbank article]

Sarah Green
Group wants to block Geary County rice farm
Topeka Capital Journal, 7/22/2007

Mike Corn
Ness County, northwest Kansas losing residents
Hays Daily News, 7/22/2007

Darrin Stineman
Polansky: State must embrace change
Salina Journal, 7/22/2007 [Newsbank article]

Pat Roberts
It's no surprise Kansas is in final five
Junction City Daily Union, 7/23/2007

Jon Ruhlen
Sunflower project would harness algae for fuel
Hutchinson News, 7/24/2007 [Newsbank article]

Tim Carpenter
Farm bill passes House
Topeka Capital Journal, 7/28/2007
Kristen Roderick
Competition gives back
Hutchinson News, 7/30/2007 [Newsbank article]

Amy Bickel

Bad seeds
Hutchinson News, 7/30/2007 [Newsbank article]

Amy Bickel
Wheat harvest $94M in claims paid out so far
Hutchinson News, 8/3/2007 [Newsbank article]

Phyllis Jacobs Griekspoor
Poor year for wheat still yields key data
Wichita Eagle, 8/5/2007 [Newsbank article]

Corn production Steven's state's top corn county
Topeka Capital Journal, 8/8/2007

Phyllis Jacobs Griekspoor
Poor crop more work for millers
Wichita Eagle, 8/19/2007 [Newsbank article]
Capital-Journal Editorial Board

Terror targets chicken little? [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 8/24/2007

Amy Bickel
For Reno County dairy farmers glass is half full
Hutchinson News, 8/28/2007 [Newsbank article]
Michael Hooper
Rising food prices take aim at wallets
Topeka Capital Journal, 8/29/2007
Scott Seirer
Farm bill needs real reform [editorial]
Salina Journal, 9/8/2007 [Newsbank article]
Staff Reports
$1 million grant to aid sorghum research
Manhattan Mercury, 8/27/2007 [Newsbank article]
John Schlageck
Anchoring their communities
Chanute Tribune, 9/7/2007 [Newsbank article]
Editorial Board
Farm subsidies myth [editorial]
Hutchinson News, 9/8/2007 [Newsbank article]
Bill Blankenship
Different notes sung on farm bill
Topeka Capital Journal, 9/9/2007 [Newsbank article]
Phyllis Jacobs Griekspoor
Roberts: No farm bill before year's end
Wichita Eagle, 9/9/2007 [Newsbank article]
John Schlageck
Anchoring their communities
Olathe Daily News, 9/9/2007
Mike Corn
Farm forum focuses on policies
Hays Daily News, 9/11/2007 [Newsbank article]
Mary Clarkin
A Connecticut representative comes to court Kansas farmers
Hutchinson News, 9/14/2007

Phyllis Jacobs Griekspoor
Kansas rice to help fight childhood illness
Wichita Eagle, 9/15/2007 [Newsbank article]

John Green
Certified wheat OK'd for growers' use
Hutchinson News, 9/18/2007 [Newsbank article]
Phyllis Jacobs Griekspoor
Asian rust found in SE Kansas soybean fields
Wichita Eagle, 9/22/2007 [Newsbank article]

Special to the Courier
Soybean rust confirmed for first time in State
Winfield Daily Courier, 9/22/2007

Michael Hooper
Statistics agency: Corn production expected to increase 33 percent
Topeka Capital Journal, 9/24/2007

Amy Bickel
Bumper bummer crop, situation
Hutchinson News, 9/25/2007 [Newsbank article]

Staff Reports
KDHE withdraws hog farm permit
Manhattan Mercury, 9/28-29/2007 [Newsbank article]

Pat Roberts
Farm bill: A pivotal piece of legislation
Hutchinson News, 9/30/2007 [Newsbank article]



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