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2006 Session - January through May

The State Library of Kansas' Legislative Reference Section maintains a collection of clipped newspaper articles on topics relating to subjects pertinent to issues in Kansas state government. Below is a listing of clipped articles taken from several different newspapers relating to AGING, June through December, 2006.

The Clippings books are available for use in the library. You may photocopy articles from the books. If you have questions regarding this collection please feel free to contact State Library staff. Contact information is found at the top and bottom of this page.

The Clippings List is generally arranged chronologically through the year.

Each article cited contains the following information:

Author of article (if any is present)
Title of Article
Newspaper title and date of issue

ARTICLES ON GAMBLING, January through May, 2006

Chad Lawhorn
Legislators support some gaming
Lawrence Journal World, 1/7/2006

Gena Terlizzi
Gambling proponents to roll dice again
Lawrence Journal World, 1/8/2006

Rick Alm
Riverboats ride higher after '05
Kansas City Star, 1/12/2006 [Newsbank article]

Steve Painter
Gambling bill hits fast track in Topeka
Wichita Eagle, 1/12/2006 [Newsbank article]

Steve Painter
More gambling avenues
Kansas City Star, 1/13/2006 [Newsbank article]

Carl Manning
Gambling still seen as funding option
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/13/2006

Carl Manning
Gambling backers play ed card again
Hutchinson News, 1/13/2006

Carl Manning
Gaming issue looms, again
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 1/13/2006

Carl Manning
Gambling might be answer
Hays Daily News, 1/13/2006

Steve Painter
On gambling, Senate set to take chance
Wichita Eagle, 1/15/2006 [Newsbank article]

Tom A. Throne
Geary removed from gambling bill
Junction City Daily Union, 1/15/2006

On gaming, here we go again
Wichita Eagle, 1/15/2006 [Newsbank artilce]

Steve Painter
Gambling ban could end
Kansas City Star, 1/16/2006 [Newsbank article]

Wichitans are already going to casinos, just not here
Wichita Eagle, 1/17/2006

Martin Hawver
Gambling ---Both simple and complicated
Junction City Daily Union, 1/17/2006

Emerson Lynn Jr
Need for cash lifts chances for gaming [opinion]
Iola Register, 1/17/2006

Rick Alm
Casino unveils plan for expansion
Kansas City Star, 1/18/2006

Associated Press
K.C. casino plans $85M expansion
Lawrence Journal World, 1/19/2006

Scott Rothschild
Former foes now on same side of gambling issue
Lawrence Journal World, 1/20/2006

Dion Lefler
Opposed, but taking donations
Wichita Eagle, 1/20/2006 [Newsbank article]

Martin Hawver
At the rail
Metro News, 1/20/2006

Well, maybe a casino wouldn't be so bad after all
Wichita Eagle, 1/21/2006 [Newsbank article]

Randy Scholfield
High rollers lawmakers' gaming money smells
Wichita Eagle, 1/22/2006 [Newsbank article]

Dakotah M. Davis
Sumner Co. asks Cowley for casino support
Winfield Daily Courier, 1/24/2006

Rick Alm
Rehab unit to receive big gift from casino
Kansas City Star, 1/25/2006 [Newsbank article]

Steve Painter
Leaders fume over gambling exclusion
Wichita Eagle, 1/25/2006 [Newsbank article]

Dakotah M. Davis
Cowley voices support for a Sumner casino
Winfield Daily Courier, 1/25/2006

Courier views support Sumner County casino
Winfield Daily Courier, 1/25/2006

From Staff and Wire Reports
Harrah's donates $10,000
Topeka Capital Journal, 1/26/2006

Steve Painter
Casino plea gets cold shoulder in Topeka
Wichita Eagle, 1/26/2006 [Newsbank article]

Jay W. Anderson
Expanded gambling is a tax on the poor [letters to the editor]
Wichita Eagle, 1/26/2006 [Newsbank article]

Avis Deck
Profitable casino [letters to the editor]
Wichita Eagle, 1/26/2006 [Newsbank article]

Rick Alm
Mayors laud casinos' contributions
Kansas City Star, 1/26/2006 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Lawmakers would fight increased gambling
Lawrence Journal World, 1/27/2006

Sam Hananel
Brownback, Tiahrt oppose off-reservation gambling
Hutchinson News, 1/27/2006

Sam Hananel
Federal lawmakers cool to off-reservation gambling in Kansas
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 1/27/2006

Matt Stearns
Sebelius' Indian casino push falls flat
Kansas City Star, 1/28/2006 [Newsbank article]

Dave Stephens
Lottery hopes latest game is above par
Hutchinson News, 1/28/2006 [Newsbank article]

Count Tiahrt, Brownback among anti-gambling forces at work
Wichita Eagle, 1/28/2006

Gene Fuhr
A casino makes economic sense [letter to the editor]
Wichita Eagle, 1/29/2006 [Newsbank article]

Sorry, but gaming issue is not that complex
Wichita Eagle, 1/29/2006

Phillip B. Journey
No hypocrisy, only strange bedfellows
Wichita Eagle, 1/29/2006 [Newsbank article]

Virginia Beamer
Gambling will not solve state's education funding issues
Hays Daily News, 1/29/2006

Rick Alm
Proposal would put a new spin on Kansas casino plans
Kansas City Star, 1/31/2006 [Newsbank article]

John Hanna
Support for gambling at odds with GOP
Hutchinson News, 2/1/2006

Leslie George
Let citizens decide about gambling [letter to the editor]
Wichita Eagle, 2/4/2006 [Newsbank article]

Dick Verell
The sure way to win in gambling: Don't [letter to the editor]
Hutchinson News, 2/5/2006 [Newsbank article]

Rick Dykstra
Why not Junction City? [letters to the editor]
Junction City Daily Union, 2/5/2006

David Allen Seaton
Goodwin hopes county won't back Sumner Co. casino
Winfield Daily Courier, 2/6/2006

Rick Alm
Bill would help fight problem gambling
Kansas City Star, 2/7/2006 [Newsbank article]

Gambling card games
Hutchinson News, 2/7/2006 [Newsbank article]

Dick Verell
Gambling too costly [letters to the editor]
Garden City Telegram, 2/7/2006

Dakotah M. Davis
Commission backs casino with 2-1 vote
Winfield Daily Courier, 2/7/2006

Staff and Wire Reports
Money missing in Manhattan
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/11/2006

Jason Probst
Line between legal, illegal gambling starts to bend
Hutchinson News, 2/12/2006 [Newsbank article]

Jason Probst
Poker continues to explode in popularity but to some opponents, gambling deals a tough hand
Hutchinson News, 2/12/2006

Rick Alm
Kansas casino revenues a drop in U.S. bucket
Kansas City Star, 2/14/2006 [Newsbank article]

Rick Alm
KC casinos sizzle in warm January
Kansas City Star, 2/15/2006 [Newsbank article]

Increased gambling
Hutchinson News, 2/16/2006

Tim Carpenter
Lottery tapped to curb airfare
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/17/2006

Rey Kitchkumme
Tribe's interests go beyond gaming [letter to the editor]
Wichita Eagle, 2/18/2006 [Newsbank article]

Mike Sweeney
Why are officials not supporting area casinos? [letters to the editors]
Winfield Daily Courier, 2/18/2006

Dion Lefler
Lotto game may aid Sports Hall of Fame
Wichita Eagle, 2/19/2006 [Newsbank article]

Fred Mann
Jennison favors casino in Sedgwick County
Wichita Eagle, 2/20/2006 [Newsbank article]

Steve Painter
Gambling plan eyed in senate
Kansas City Star, 2/21/2006

Steve Painter
Senators hammer out plan for gaming
Wichita Eagle, 2/21/2006 [Newsbank article]

Rick Alm
Latest Kansas casino bill is a break from the past
Kansas City Star, 2/21/06 [Newsbank article]

J-W Staff and Wire Reports
Kansas Speedway gains bank sponsor
Lawrence Journal World, 2/22/2006

Rhonda Holman
Slots only?
Wichita Eagle, 2/22/2006 [Newsbank article]

Peter Weinert
Gambling our future on casinos
Winfield Daily Courier, 2/22/2006

Steve Painter
Sumner Co. makes its pitch for a casino
Wichita Eagle, 2/23/2006 [Newsbank article]

Randy Scholfield
Is the lottery the best bet for workers?
Wichita Eagle, 2/24/2006 [Newsbank article]

Emerson Lynn Jr
GOP leaders push to expand gambling to pay for education [opinion]
Iola Register, 2/24/2006

Carl Manning
Gambling bill expected next week in Senate
Hutchinson News, 2/25/2006

Kansas taking a big chance [editorial]
Kansas City Star, 2/25/2006 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Introduction of gambling bill expected next week in Senate
Chanute Tribune, 2/25/2006 [Newsbank article]

Eric Swanson
Gambling bill likely to include slot machines in Ford County
Dodge City Daily Globe, 2/25/2006

Casino names transition team
Topeka Capital Journal, 2/26/2006

Carl Manning
Gambling bill expected next week
Junction City Daily Union, 2/26/2006

Ralph Ostmeyer
Gambling won't cure state's ills
Hays Daily News, 2/26/2006

Rick Alm
Casinos fail to meet goal on minority purchasing
Kansas City Star, 2/28/2006 [Newsbank article]

Ann Charles
Don't gamble with futures [opinion]
Chanute Tribune, 2/28/2006 [Newsbank article]

Steve Painter
Gambling proposal cuts cost for slots
Wichita Eagle, 3/1/2006 [Newsbank article]

Do the honorable thing [letters to the editor]
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 3/1/2006 [Newsbank article]

If not gambling then what?
Wichita Eagle, 3/2/2006

Tim Carpenter
Most cards now on table
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/3/2006

Kevin Flaherty
Gaming bill delayed
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 3/3/2006 [Newsbank article]

Tim Carpenter
Expanded gambling getting the once over
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 3/3/2006 [Newsbank article]

Senators: Gambling part of the equation
Garden City Telegram, 3/3/2006

Carl Manning
Senate leader: School plan needs gambling
Hutchinson News, 3/3/2006

Tim Carpenter
Dodge City part of new gaming proposal
Dodge City Daily Globe, 3/3/2006

Kevin Flaherty
Lack of votes cause for gaming delay bill
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 3/4/2006 [Newsbank article]

Stephen Wade
Say it ain't so [editorial]
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 3/4/2006 [Newsbank article]

David Klepper
Senate delays casino bill
Kansas City Star, 3/4/2006 [Newsbank article]

Chris Moon
Gaming faces ethics hurdle
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/4/2006

Deb Gruver
Group targets anti-gaming lawmakers
Wichita Eagle, 3/4/2006 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Group wants to recall legislators who took casino contributions
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 3/5/2006

Kenneth Olson
Time to deal [letter to the editor]
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/6/2006

Associated Press
Lawmakers could face recall for campaign donations
Lawrence Journal World, 3/6/2006

David Klepper
Senate puts off bill on gaming
Wichita Eagle, 3/6/2006 [Newsbank article]

Carl Manning
Senate leaders to introduce gambling bill
Lawrence Journal World, 3/7/2006

Carl Manning
Senate leaders plan to introduce gambling bill
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/7/2006

Carl Manning
Senate leaders plan to introduce gambling bill
Hutchinson News, 3/7/2006

Associated Press
Senate leaders introduce gambling bill
Emporia Gazette, 3/7/2006

Senate leaders plan to introduce gambling bill this week
Hays Daily News, 3/7/2006

Rhonda Holman
Senate gambling plan built for politics
Wichita Eagle, 3/8/2006 [Newsbank article]

Crowson's View [cartoon]
Wichita Eagle, 3/8/2006

John Milburn
Senate leaders introduce expanded gambling bill
Hutchinson News, 3/8/2006

Scott Rothschild
Lawmakers gamble with casino bill
Lawrence Journal World, 3/8/2006

Steve Painter
New bill would give Wichita lots of slots
Wichita Eagle, 3/8/2006 [Newsbank article]

David Klepper
Kansas looks at gambling plan
Kansas City Star, 3/8/2006 [Newsbank article]

Ric Anderson
Gaming measure rolls into Senate
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/8/2006

John Milburn
Senate leaders introduce gambling bill this week
Dodge City Daily Globe, 3/8/2006

John Milburn
Senate panel rolls dice with casinos
Salina Journal, 3/8/2006

John Milburn
Senate leaders introduce bill
Junction City Daily Union, 3/8/2006

Ric Anderson
Senate panel delays gaming bill
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/9/2006

Marksrage S. Allen
Slot machines aren't enough for county [letter to the editor]
Wichita Eagle, 3/9/2006 [Newsbank article]

Ric Anderson
Advocate seeks support for addicts
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/9/2006

A twisted pathway to more gambling [editorial]
Kansas City Star, 3/9/2006 [Newsbank article]

Tim Vandenack
Dodge City gambling push focuses on horse, dog track
Hutchinson News, 3/9/2006 [Newsbank article]

Kevin Flaherty
Barone will speak against provision
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 3/9/2006 [Newsbank article]

Anna Staatz
Gambling bill goes to hearing
Junction City Daily Union, 3/9/2006

Sarah Kessinger
Senators split over Dodge track bill
Hutchinson News, 3/10/2006 [Newsbank article]

Sarah Kessinger
Senators split over potential track
Garden City Telegram, 3/10/2006

Carl Manning
Senate committee eyes gambling bill
Hutchinson News, 3/11/2006 [Newsbank article]

Steve Painter
Officials: Gaming bill offers area little
Wichita Eagle, 3/11/2006 [Newsbank article]

Tim Carpenter
Gaming remains on track
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/11/2006

Drawings for new lottery game to begin Wednesday
Hutchinson News, 3/11/2006 [Newsbank article]

Kevin Flaherty
Expanded gaming bill argued
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 3/11/2006 [Newsbank article]

Matthew Clark
Commissioners told what gaming bill could deliver
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 3/11/2006 [Newsbank article]

Dave Seaton
Goodwin would back casino to fund education
Winfield Daily Courier, 3/11/2006

Steve Painter and Brent D. Wistrom
Betting it all on Kansas gambling
Wichita Eagle, 3/12/2006 [Newsbank article]

Anna Staatz
Both sides testify at hearing
Junction City Daily Union, 3/12/2006

Our view Geary County's long shot
Junction City Daily Union, 3/12/2006

Mike Hendricks
Kansas gets honest on gambling
Kansas City Star, 3/13/2006 [Newsbank article]

Courier views gambling with Goodwin [opinion]
Winfield Daily Courier, 3/13/2006

Rick Alm
Kansas Lottery offers multistate 'Hot Lotto' game
Kansas City Star, 3/14/2006 [Newsbank article]

Keith Thomas
Think of victims of gambling [letters to the editor]
Wichita Eagle, 3/14/2006 [Newsbank article]

Rick Alm
New slots could give users more possibilities
Kansas City Star, 3/14/2006 [Newsbank article]

Martin Hawver
Mixing morality with gambling
Kansas City Kansan, 3/14/2006

Eagles News Service
Casinos, NCAA will try to ante up together
Wichita Eagle, 3/15/2006 [Newsbank article]

Rick Alm
Warm days turn into hot times at KC boats
Kansas City Star, 3/15/2006 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Lottery game debuts
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/15/2006

Steve Painter
Revised gambling bill headed for Senate
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/15/2006

Chris Moon
Casino bill softened sent for debate
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/15/2006

John Milburn
Committee sends gambling measure to Senate for debate
Hutchinson News, 3/15/2006 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
New lottery game debuts
Hutchinson News, 3/15/2006

Kathryn Mayes
Reitz bows to the inevitable
Manhattan Mercury, 3/15/2006 [Newsbank article]

Mike Kiegerl
Gambling generates interest in House
Olathe Daily News, 3/15/2006

New lottery debuting in Kansas
Dodge City Daily Globe, 3/15/2006

Anna Staatz
Reitz concerned about gambling bill
Junction City Daily Union, 3/15/2006

Crowson's View [cartoon]
Wichita Eagle, 3/16/2006

Rhonda Holman
Wrong Senate gambling plan shorts
Wichita Eagle, 3/16/2006 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
New lottery game debuts in Kansas
Lawrence Journal World, 3/16/2006

Chris Moon
Senate vote isn't a sure bet
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/16/2006

Steve Painter, Brent Wistrom and David Klepper
Campaign coffers win big in Kansas' gambling fight
Kansas City Star, 3/16/2006 [Newsbank article]

Jason Probst
Prosecution for office pools is not likely
Hutchinson News, 3/16/2006

David Klepper
Kansas Senate kills latest gambling bill
Kansas City Star, 3/17/2006 [Newsbank article]

Tim Carpenter
Senate bill shoots craps
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/17/2006

Steve Painter
Senate dumps gambling bill
Wichita Eagle, 3/17/2006 [Newsbank article]

Scott Rothschild
Gambling fails as source for school funds
Lawrence Journal World, 3/17/2006

Martin Hawver
At the rail
Metro News, 3/17/2006

Jessica Tims
Good luck [editorial]
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 3/18/2006 [Newsbank article]

Stephanie Farley
Gaming issue may not be dead
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 3/18/2006

Eric Swanson
'A real missed opportunity'
Dodge City Daily Globe, 3/18/2006

Steve Vockrodt
Senate defeats gaming bill
Olathe Daily News, 3/18-20/2006

Legislature should quit gambling [opinion]
Manhattan Mercury, 3/19/2006 [Newsbank article]

Scott Rothschild
Gambling put heat on area senators
Lawrence Journal World, 3/19/2006

Courier views rethink the casino issue [opinion]
Winfield Daily Courier, 3/20/2006

David Hendershot
Legislators meet citizens
Junction City Daily Union, 3/20/2006

Jim Churchman
An ill-fated roll of the dice
Olathe Daily News, 3/21/2006

Blurry ethics in Topeka [opinion]
Olathe Daily News, 3/21/2006

Rick Alm
Kansas' gambling question can be answered by vote
Kansas City Star, 3/21/2006 [Newsbank article]

Rick Alm and David Klepper
'You want to be like Las Vegas'
Kansas City Star, 3/22/2006 [Newsbank article]

John Hanna
Supporters still hope to revive debate over casinos, slot machines
Lawrence Journal World, 3/23/2006

Associated Press
Casino, slot debate could be revived
Hutchinson News, 3/23/2006

John Hanna
In Topeka, 'gambling is never dead'
Wichita Eagle, 3/23/2006 [Newsbank article]

What happens in Vegas should happen in Kansas?
Wichita Eagle, 3/24/2006

Ed Nicewander
Voting on gambling [letter to the editor]
Hutchinson News, 3/24/2006

Manhattan Mercury
Other editors expanded gambling defeat
Hutchinson News, 3/25/2006

Kansas lottery Indy 300 set for July 2
Kansas City Kansan, 3/25/2006

Associated Press
Gambling proposal expected this week
Salina Journal, 3/26/2006

John Proffitt
Gambling revenue is the wrong solution to school funding woes [letter to the editor]
Manhattan Mercury, 3/27/2006 [Newsbank article]

Wagle ahead in crusade to keep Kansas out of casino business
Wichita Eagle, 3/27/2006 [Newsbank article]

Roger McKibben
Gambling never solved anything [letter to the editor]
Junction City Daily Union, 3/27/2006

Manhattan Mercury
Welcome defeat
Wichita Eagle, 3/29/2006 [Newsbank article]

Steve Painter
Lawmaker proposes gambling referendum
Wichita Eagle, 3/29/2006 [Newsbank article]

Courier Views let Wichita vote on a casino
Winfield Daily Courier, 3/29/2006

Tim Carpenter
Hensley gambling on compromise
Topeka Capital Journal, 3/30/2006

Steve Painter
Gambling bill lets voters weigh in
Wichita Eagle, 3/30/2006 [Newsbank article]

Orval Schwartz
Gaming not answer [letter to the editor]
Hutchinson News, 4/1/2006

Kevin Flaherty
Gaming bill creeps up again
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 4/1/2006 [Newsbank article]

Marie Cochren
Not state's job [letter to the editor]
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/3/2006

Associated Press
Saloon sues to get space by speedway
Wichita Eagle, 4/7/2006 [Newsbank article]

Ric Anderson
Gambling inquiry nearly complete
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/7/2006

Robert Boczkiewicz
Indian casino in KCK wins suit
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/8/2006

Rick Alm
Closing of KCK casino rejected
Kansas City Star, 4/8/2006 [Newsbank article]

Megan McCloskey
Court rules in favor of tribe's K.C.K. casino
Lawrence Journal World, 4/8/2006

Henrietta M. Gleason
Voters know good, bad [letter to the editor]
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/10/2006 [Newsbank article]

Rick Alm
Next step for KCK casino is unclear following ruling
Kansas City Star, 4/11/2006 [Newsbank article]

Rick Alm
Gaming board's director leaves successful legacy
Kansas City Star, 4/11/2006 [Newsbank article]

Rick Alm
Casinos post record revenue
Kansas City Star, 4/12/2006 [Newsbank article]

Sarah Kessinger
Gambling supporters vow to try for casinos
Hutchinson News, 4/13/2006 [Newsbank article]

Brian O'Laughlin
Casino gaming is the answer [editorial]
Johnson County Sun, 4/13/2006

Sarah Kessinger
Gambling supporters won't give up fight
Salina Journal, 4/13/2006 [Newsbank article]

Sarah Kessinger
Lawmakers prefer to pass gambling to voters
Garden City Telegram, 4/13/2006

Rhonda Holman
Next year?
Wichita Eagle, 4/14/2006 [Newsbank article]

Sigurd S. Daehnke
Gambling [letter to the editor]
Winfield Daily Courier, 4/15/2006

More legislators should care what public thinks on gaming
Wichita Eagle, 4/16/2006 [Newsbank article]

Is schools' need a trumped-up excuse for more gambling?
Wichita Eagle, 4/17/2006 [Newsbank article]

Tim Unruh
Without legislation, racing's future may be bleak
Salina Journal, 4/19/2006 [Newsbank article]

Cathy Nugent
Kansas casinos make sense [letter to the editor]
Johnson County Sun, 4/20/2006

Chris Moon
Betting divides hopefuls
Topeka Capital Journal, 4/20/2006

Rick Alm
7th Street Casino
Kansas City Star, 4/20/2006 [Newsbank article]

Rick Alm
TITOs amount to pretty penny
Kansas City Star, 4/22/2006

Rick Alm
Woodlands finance reveal grim reality
Kansas City Star, 4/25/2006 [Newsbank article]

The Capital-Journal
Sebelius rides ATV for lottery
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/1/2006

The Capital-Journal Editorial Board
Heartland Park Topeka what a ride
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/1/2006

Jim Pedley
Kennedy thrilled, not surprised about Kansas Speedway success
Kansas City Star, 5/5/2006

Special to the Journal-World
Other states shed light on gaming's worth
Lawrence Journal World, 5/6/2006

Special to the Journal-World
Kansans hesitant to bank on gambling
Lawrence Journal World, 5/6/2006

Rick Alm
Scratcher Duke
Kansas City Star, 5/9/2006 [Newsbank article]

Michael Hooper
Acreage in Illinois may be developed
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/10/2006

Sam Hananel
Kansas tribe quiet about plans for land near Chicago
Lawrence Journal World, 5/10/2006

Rick Alm
Lottery tickets to be shredded, not scratched
Kansas City Star, 5/11/2006

Carl Manning
Gambling bill effort fails
Lawrence Journal World, 5/11/2006

Effort to revive gambling legislation falters in House
Hutchinson News, 5/11/2006

Rick Alm
Add April to top 10 revenue months
Kansas City Star, 5/12/2006 [Newsbank article]

Rick Alm
Judge upholds ruling on tribal land
Kansas City Star, 5/12/2006 [Newsbank article]

David Klepper
Lawmakers hope for growth
Wichita Eagle, 5/12/2006 [Newsbank article]

Crowson's view [cartoon]
Wichita Eagle, 5/19/2006

Kathy Bassett
Casinos the only winners [letter to the editor]
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/19/2006

Rick Alm
Kansas falls short in funding for problem gambling
Kansas City Star, 5/23/2006 [Newsbank article]

NHRA summer nationals committed [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 5/26/2006



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