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2006 Session - June through December

The State Library of Kansas' Legislative Reference Section maintains a collection of clipped newspaper articles on topics relating to subjects pertinent to issues in Kansas state government. Below is a listing of clipped articles taken from several different newspapers relating to LIBRARIES, June through December, 2006.

The Clippings books are available for use in the library. You may photocopy articles from the books. If you have questions regarding this collection please feel free to contact State Library staff. Contact information is found at the top and bottom of this page.

The Clippings List is generally arranged chronologically through the year.

Each article cited contains the following information:

Author of article (if any is present)
Title of Article
Newspaper title and date of issue

ARTICLES ON LIBRARIES, June through December, 2006

Mike Belt
Colleagues recall librarian's wit
Lawrence Journal World, 6/3/2006

Gattin will be missed
Hutchinson News, 6/6/2006

Chad Lawhorn
Commission must decide if city's ready to build library
Lawrence Journal World, 6/9/2006

Icess Fernandez
School opens library for summer
Wichita Eagle, 6/9/2006 [Newsbank article]

Chad Lawhorn
More details given on library proposals
Lawrence Journal World, 6/9/2006

Brent D. Wistrom
Library alters plans after public comments
Wichita Eagle, 6/27/2006 [Newsbank article]

Chad Lawhorn
Does Lawrence need a larger library?
Lawrence Journal World, 7/2/2006

Mara Rose Williams
Heartland digest
Kansas City Star, 7/10/2006

Jon Schubin
Kansans give Ethiopia 25,000 books
Wichita Eagle, 7/17/2006 [Newsbank article]

Ron Knox
100-year-old librarian 'keeps dust off the floor' in Vinland
Lawrence Journal World, 7/24/2006

Ron Sylvester
Library unveils new, $56 million proposal
Wichita Eagle, 8/18/2006 [Newsbank article]

Hurst Laviana
Lead fear prompts library to recall toy
Wichita Eagle, 9/2/2006 [Newsbank article]

David Clouston
Book Nooks small-town libraries survive by 'the will of the people'
Salina Journal, 9/3/2006 [Newsbank article]

Associated Press
Lead paint scare prompts toy inquiry
Topeka Capital Journal, 9/4/2006

Associated Press
Rural libraries struggle to make ends meet
Topeka Capital Journal, 9/4/2006

Angela Deines
Late librarian honored
Topeka Capital Journal, 9/9/2006

James Carlson
Storyteller's chair dedicated at library event
Topeka Capital Journal, 9/11/2006

Chad Lawhorn
Library tour spurs envy, reality check for officials
Lawrence Journal World, 9/15/2006

Scott Canon
The library's niche in a wired world
Kansas City Star, 9/16/2006 [Newsbank article]

Kristen Waggener
Kansas theater to host 'Infamous' screening
Garden City Telegram, 9/23/2006

Jeffrey Hibbert
Read all about it at book festival
Wichita Eagle, 9/24/2006 [Newsbank article]

Brent D. Wistrom
At library, it's shelter vs. safety
Wichita Eagle, 9/24/2006 [Newsbank article]

Phil Anderson
Bookmobile man rides into retirement
Topeka Capital Journal, 9/25/2006

Chad Lawhorn
New study will scale back design plans for library
Lawrence Journal World, 9/27/2006

Bill Blankenship
Festival pitches reading
Topeka Capital Journal, 9/28/2006 [Newsbank article]

Beccy Tanner
Out of rubble, a library for Dexter
Wichita Eagle, 9/29/2006 [Newsbank article]

Kathy Hanks
Author to read on stage at book festival
Hutchinson News, 9/29/2006 [Newsbank article]

Rhonda Holman
Jam-packed Wichita ready to read, eat, race, rock
Wichita Eagle, 9/29/2006 [Newsbank article]

Jeffrey Hibbert
A world of books in Kansas
Wichita Eagle, 9/29/2006 [Newsbank article]

Bob Curtright
What to do? Everything
Wichita Eagle, 9/30/2006 [Newsbank article]

Jeffrey Hibbert
Young readers flock to Kansas Book Festival
Wichita Eagle, 9/30/2006 [Newsbank article]

Randy Scholfield
Overdue library shouldn't be shelter
Wichita Eagle, 10/2/2006 [Newsbank article]

Mark Hirschey
Take a stand libraries are limited, obsolete
Lawrence Journal World, 10/2/2006

Taylor Atkins
Library creates programs inviting to local teens
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/3/2006

Bill Hummell
Reading to children pays off, author says
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/13/2006

Capital Journal
Topekan wins poetry book honor
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/21/2006

Jan Biles
Teacher pens book about Kansas artist
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/21/2006

John Nalbandian
Even in Internet age, libraries thrive
Lawrence Journal World, 10/22/2006

Chad Lawhorn
City library leaders say project must be reduced by up to 40%
Lawrence Journal World, 10/22/2006

Kevin Murphy
Napoleon's days in Egypt inspire display
Kansas City Star, 10/26/2006 [Newsbank article]

Beccy Tanner
Future of libraries up to voters
Wichita Eagle, 11/5/2006 [Newsbank article]

Chad Lawhorn
Public should weigh in on new library, mayor says
Lawrence Journal World, 11/11/2006

Amy Conkling
Library events focus on children's literacy
Hutchinson News, 11/13/2006 [Newsbank article]

Matthew Clark
AG issues second opinion on Girard library
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 11/13/2006 [Newsbank article]

Chad Lawhorn
Mayor favors current library site
Lawrence Journal World, 11/15/2006

The Capital-Journal
Haskell interim dean named state poet
Topeka Capital Journal, 11/17/2006

Chad Lawhorn
Scaled-back plans for public library unveiled to city
Lawrence Journal World, 11/18/2006

Sophia Maines
Haskell dean named state poet laureate
Lawrence Journal World, 11/21/2006

Joel Mathis
Report: City loves its under-resourced library
Lawrence Journal World, 11/26/2006

Chad Lawhorn
Library director bounces satellite option
Lawrence Journal World, 11/28/2006

Chad Lawhorn
Downtown Board OKs postal site for library
Lawrence Journal World, 12/1/2006

Sarah Stites
Library snags reading grant
Kansas City Star, 12/4/2006 [Newsbank article]

Don't halt access to EPA libraries
Kansas City Star, 12/9/2006 [Newsbank article]

Chad Lawhorn
Library checks out record 1M items in 2006
Lawrence Journal World, 12/22/2006

Chad Lawhorn
Library decision won't be rushed
Lawrence Journal World, 12/20/2006



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