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Appendix III:  Planning Guides

Planning Internal Events

Have you reserved a room?

For auditoriums, lounges or classrooms call Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) at 588-7326.
For rooms in the cafeterias, call the Manager of Catering at 588-7651.

When reserving the room did you allow enough time for setup and cleanup?

If you are sponsoring this event with an outside group have you filled out a Facility Use Request Form (Microsoft Word)?

If not, call TLT (588-7326) to request the forms.
Finished forms should be sent to the Director of Administrative Services.

Do you need any audiovisual support or equipment for your event?

For equipment or staffing, call TLT at 588-7326.
Requests for staffing need to be received at least two weeks prior to an event.
If you would like to handle your own equipment, training can also be arranged.

Are you having any food or drink at your event?

If so have you called Catering? (588-7651)?
If not being catered by KUMC do you need to order tables and chairs?
To submit a work order for tables and chairs call Facilities at 588-7928.
If renting tables from an outside agency remember to schedule time for deliver and pickup at the location of your event.

Are you planning on serving any alcohol at your event?

Per Facility Use Guidelines; all events on the KUMC campus at which alcoholic liquor (defined as beer, wine or sherry only) will be served must be approved by the Executive Vice Chancellor. Permission must be requested two weeks prior to an event. Click here to download the Alcohol Request Form.

If your event is after hours have you contacted the University Police for access to the building?

Regular hours for building access are Monday through Friday, 6 am – 6 pm. If you will be requiring access to any building other than during these times call the University Public Safety Department at 588-5133 or 588-5030 the week prior to your event to let them know when your building(s) will need to be unlocked.

Will you need to give directions for parking?

Surface lots are restricted to color coded permits Monday through Friday, until 5 pm.
The maximum charge in the parking garages is $4.50 for a 24 hour period.
If you have additional question please call Parking Services at 588-5175.

Will your event include vendors or the offering of any merchandise for sale?

Per Facilities Use Policy; no selling or solicitation event or activity will be approved for the private gain of individuals. Fundraising for student groups is allowed with permission from the EVC’s office. Call 588-1440 for request form.

Sponsoring nonKUMC Event

Who can sponsor a non-KUMC event?

A Department, Faculty or Staff member may sponsor a non-KUMC event. The Department Chair and sponsoring staff/faculty will need to sign a Sponsorship Agreement form. This form indicates that the department is willing to accept responsibility for the event.

What are these responsibilities?

In agreeing to sponsor an event a department accepts responsibility for assuring the event will be in compliance with institutional policies and state regulations. The department and sponsor are responsible for arranging for access to the scheduled facility as well as repair of any damages or any cleaning that may be required beyond normal use. The sponsoring member of the department is to be in attendance at the event.

What are examples of the events that may be sponsored?

Some events that are sponsored by KUMC departments include professional group meetings or seminars, Medical Arts Symphony, voter registration drives, chamber of commerce events, etc.

How do I schedule a Non-KUMC event?

Call TLT at 588-7326 to see if a suitable facility is available on the date and time required. They will be able to provide the Sponsorship Agreement form and a Request form for the event. Both forms will need to be filled out and sent to the Director of Administrative Services. TLT will put a hold on the facility you are requesting, but your event will not be confirmed until these forms have been completed and approved.

Please see the Planning Guide for Internal Events for further assistance in planning your event.

Planning non-KUMC Event

Reservations for rooms, audiovisual equipment, and other services are made through TLT located at 2015 Orr Major. When making reservations include any needed setup and cleanup time.

Keys for locked facilities need to be checked out from and returned to TLT at 2015 Orr Major. All large auditoriums and classrooms are locked overnight and on weekends.

Many rooms have audiovisual equipment available and can be used as part of the room reservation. AV personnel are not available evenings and weekends without prior arrangements. For additional needs or to make special arrangements, contact TLT at 588-7326 well in advance.

Special needs for furniture such as registration tables can be arranged through Facilities.

Food arrangements can be made through Catering at 588-7681. No food or drink is allowed in Battenfeld, Lied, or Orr Major rooms 2004, 2005C and 2008.

The serving of any alcoholic beverages must be approved by the Executive Vice Chancellor’ s office. See Guidelines for Medical Center Facilities Use * for locations.

Smoking is strictly limited on campus. See the Guidelines for Medical Center Facilities Use* for sites where smoking is permitted.

Parking is limited on campus and restricted during the work week. Contact Parking Services at 588-5175 for special arrangements.

Contact University Police for after hours access to buildings if required. 588-5133 or 588-5030.

All funding raising events or admission fees must be approved by the Executive Vice Chancellor s office.

Outside groups using the Medical Center facilities must provide proof of $1,000,000 event liability insurance policy within 1 week of scheduled event.

Payment arrangements (if required) must be made prior to the event. Payment is due 1 week prior to the scheduled event.