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Appendix II: Other Services


Department of Dietetics and Nutrition is available for providing food service in support of special events scheduled throughout the Medical Center. The department is also responsible for scheduling the meeting room adjacent to the Main cafeteria ( Wyandotte room). Dietetics and Nutrition services require advance planning and can be arranged by calling 588-7681.

If an outside caterer is to be used, it is the responsibility of the sponsoring unit to see that all food preparation and meeting areas are left clean. Please note that food and beverages are not permitted in Leid or Battenfeld Auditoria. Sponsors who allow food and beverages into these areas may be charged for extra cleaning services.

Furniture and utility charges

Facilities Operations - Table and chair set up and moving services are obtained from Facilities Operations by sending a work request to Production Control, room 2053 Building 48. Questions can be addressed by calling extension 588-5300.  There is a fee for these services.  Requests for services should be made a minimum of two weeks prior to the event to insure the request can be accommodated. Facilities Operations does not transport computers and other sensitive electronic equipment.

Furniture moved to accommodate special needs of an event such as a sign up table should be returned to it normal location at the close of the event.

There is not a charge for utility usage to KUMC organizations.


Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) offers the following services: check out of audio-visual and multimedia equipment, video production and recording, audio conferencing, video conferencing, and video duplication. Priority access is provided for academic (course related) uses. As services are available, University offices and registered organization may use them.

All services require advanced planning and scheduling. Some fees may apply. For information or scheduling, call TLT at 588-7326.


University Public Safety - Coordination and notification with the University Public Safety Department is an important element for successful special events on campus, particularly those being conducted after regular business hours or on the weekends.

It is recommended that University Public Safety be informed of large scale functions or those of a controversial nature. Such events may require that University Public Safety be involved in the planning and actual operations of the event. Costs of special security arrangements may be the responsibility of the sponsoring group.

Requests for locking or unlocking perimeter doors to facilitate access during the special event, shall be made to the Director of Public Safety.

Additional questions or assistance should be referred to the Director or Assistant Director of the University Public Safety Department at 588-5133.


Telecommunications provides a wide range of communications and micro computing services to faculty, staff, and students. These services include voice telephone, voice mail, pagers, departmental local area networks, campus wide area networks providing enhanced access to campus information resources, on and off campus data and voice networks, campus electronic mail, and video teleconferencing (interactive, 2-way conferencing). For further information contact 588-4900.