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Research Curriculum


  • Monthly Research and Protocol (move to Friday mornings)
    • Discuss ongoing projects (critique from residents/faculty)
    • Vet new ideas (residents/faculty)
    • Identify areas of research need
  • Monthly journal club
    • Prepare and actively participate in discussions
  • Monthly meeting with research mentor
    • Discuss current projects
    • Brainstorm ideas for future studies, set up research plans, help with writing of manuscripts/abstracts
    • Assist with workload management
    • Discuss journal club articles one-on-one (research residents)
  • Weekly meeting with Eugene Lee (research residents only)
    • Go over current projects
  • National and regional Society meetings
    • Present at no less than the South Central Section of the AUA and one other national meeting (Example: AUA, SUO, GU ASCO, SUFU, ACS, ASRM, SMSNA) every year  

Reading requirements

  • Monthly journal club articles
  • Evaluation of the urology literature series
  • P. Dahm in Journal of Urology
  • Biostatistics for dummies  


  • Each resident will be assigned a mentor prior to the start of Intern Year
  • After at least one year, residents will be encouraged to identify research mentors to primary area of interest for fellowship
    • Oncology: Thrasher, Holzbeierlein, Duchene, Mirza, Lee, Wyre, Taylor, Parker
    • Female/Geriatric/Neurourology: Griebling, Padmanabhan
    • Infertility: Nangia
    • Minimally invasive and stone disease: Duchene
    • Trauma/reconstruction: Broghammer, Wyre
    • Education: Mirza, Barnes
    • Pediatrics: Murphy, Gatti, Bowlin, Koenig
    • Basic Science: Benyi Li, Holzbeierlein, Lee, Taylor
    • Nutrition/Dietetics: Jill Hamilton-Reeves
    • Health policy: Shellie Ellis
    • Biostatistics: Devin Koestler
  • Responsibilities
    • Ensure that resources are available for the resident to actively participate in meaningful research
    • Provide guidance in the scientific process, helping to set up projects in an efficient manner, teach the resident regarding current knowledge in the field of study
    • Help with collaborations, garnering assistance from medical students
    • Assist with abstract submissions, poster presentations, podium presentations, manuscript writing/submission  
    • Intern year
      • Assist with formulating a research interest (reach out after match to start the process)
      • Plan for 1-2 projects to work on during 2nd year (research year)
        • Can be related to outcomes/health services, clinical/database, translational, or laboratory based
        • Arrange to meet with other mentors and PI's to form collaborations on projects
        • Set up a plan for development of ideas, literature searches, database set up, IRB applications etc.
      • Encourage Interns to "tag along" to senior resident research projects and assist with data collection, abstract writing and presentations
    • Second year
      • Meet regularly to assist with progression of primary projects
      • Help with collaborations, help with pitfalls, obtaining assistance from medical students
      • Assist with manuscript writing
    • Third/Fourth year
      • Outline a plan for continuation or initiation of research projects
      • Meet monthly to discuss progress
    • Chief year
      • Assist with manuscript completion and submission  

Resident guidelines/requirements

  • Active preparation/participation in all journal clubs
  • All residents will submit at least 1 abstract to South Central Section of the AUA every year (PGY-2 through 5)
  • All residents (PGY-2 through 5) will submit at least 1 abstract to a national meeting per year (Example: AUA, SUO, GU ASCO, SUFU, ACS, ASRM, SMSNA) o   Manuscript or detailed outline will be completed prior to presentation
  • Each resident will submit a manuscript for publication during 2nd/3rd year and 4th/5th year (two manuscripts total)
  • Resident evaluation and fulfillment of above requirements will be at the discretion of the individual mentor  


  • Resident research award ($2500)
    • Awarded to resident who has demonstrated highest level of research achievement during the academic year
      • Based on impact factor and number of publications

Research Rotation (3 months protected)

  • Prior to rotation, resident will have chosen mentor and primary project  
  • Meetings:
    • Bi-weekly "check-in" meeting with Dr. Lee
    • Weekly Taylor laboratory meeting
    • Anant Wednesday laboratory meeting
    • Katie Glavin
      • Navigating the IRB
      • Navigating clinical trials (Cancer Center, PRMC, RI)
      • Compliance with database, information security
      • Designing new studies  
  • Tasks:
    • Completion of CITI-RCR (Responsible conduct of research)
    • Weekly translational science journal club article (Taylor)
    • Articles
      • How to Read a Clinical Trial Paper PMCID: PMC3380258
      • Evaluation of the urology literature series
        • P. Dahm in Journal of Urology  
  • Goals:
    • Manuscript preparation plan
    • Project presentation at SCS and National meeting
Last modified: Sep 28, 2018