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Rotation Summary

University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC)
Tertiary/quaternary multidisciplinary referral center

VA Medical Center (KCVA)
Large and busy VA with extensive open experience and resident driven service

Children’s Mercy Hospital (CMH)
Free standing nationally recognized children’s hospital

Truman Medical Center (TMC)
Indigent care hospital experience in a large academic center

Cameron Regional Medical Center (CRMC)
Rural health experience

Urology PGY 1

The rotations during intern year are designed expose the young physician to a broad spectrum of surgical care.  Interns spend six months on the urology service, four months at the KUMC campus and the two months at the Truman Medical Center.  The remaining six months include a month of general surgery at Truman Medical Center and five months at KUMC on the following rotations: SICU, surgical oncology, surgical transplant, general surgery, and night float.  Didactics and conference schedules are common to all resident classes.

Urology PGY 2

This year is divided into four three-month blocks.  Residents rotate at KUMC on the urology service, Children’s Mercy Hospital on the pediatric urology service, Cameron Regional Medical Center for a rural health urology experience, and then also have a dedicated research block.  Residents participate in surgical procedures, in-patient management of urology patients, consults, as well as outpatient evaluations. Residents at this level are expected to learn the fundamentals of endoscopic surgery, such as cystoscopy, transurethral resections of the prostate and bladder, ureteroscopy and percutaneous procedures.  Didactics and conference schedules are common to all resident classes.  Separate teaching conference does occur at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Urology PGY 3

Residents spend nine months at KUMC and three months at the Kansas City VA Medical Center. Part of the KUMC rotation also includes 6 weeks at Indian Creek Campus where they will have more direct engagement and teaching as well as continuity of care. The resident is expected to take increasing responsibility and initiative in the management of urology in-patients and consults. Resident should start to achieve proficiency in office-based assessments and procedures. The operative experience begins to broaden and includes the performance of advanced endoscopic procedures and a more active role during open, laparoscopic, and robotic procedures.

Urology PGY 4

Residents at this senior level have rotations at KUMC (6 months), the KCVA Medical Center (3 months), and at Children's Mercy Hospital (3 months). Part of the KUMC rotation also includes 6 weeks at Indian Creek Campus where they will have more direct engagement and teaching as well as continuity of care. They routinely act as the senior resident on surgical procedures in direct partnership with the attending staff. Senior residents should start developing leadership qualities to define culture and team management strategies.

Urology PGY 5 (Chief Resident)

The final year provides an opportunity for the chief resident to perfect his/her operative, clinical, and patient management skills. This includes advanced procedures in oncology, laparoscopy, urethral stricture disease, female pelvic medicine, advanced reconstruction and endoscopy. Rotations at KUMC (6 months), the KCVA Medical Center (3 months), and Truman Medical Center (3 months) provide a broad spectrum of surgical cases and also place the chief resident in an increasing position of responsibility, leadership, and ownership.

In addition to a heavy operative experience, the chief is responsible for the entire service at KUMC, TMC, as well as the KCVA. This includes pre and post-operative evaluation of patients, and consultations on the hospital floor and the emergency room. Just as important, the chief resident plays an active role in the education and training of the junior and senior residents and of the medical students.

Medical Student Rotations/Visiting Medical Student Rotations

It is both our privilege and honor to be involved in the training of America's future physicians. We invite medical students with an interest in urology to rotate on our service. Students will receive extensive exposure to all facets of urology.  Didactic and clinical instruction is provided through-out the rotation.  Students are encouraged to become involved in research projects. Dr. Kerri Thurmon is the Student Clerkship Director who mentors and organizes the 4-week rotation. For students pursuing urology as a career, the 4th year clerkship also serves as the residency interview.

Visiting students are always welcome at the University of Kansas Urology Program. Interested students should view information for Visiting Medical Students on the Student Center website. The phone number 913-588-7055.

Last modified: Aug 07, 2020

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