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Current Residents

PG Year 5 - Chief Residents

PG Year 5 group photo

Jason Farrow

Jason M. Farrow, MD
Born: Torrance, CA
Med School: University of California

Woodson Smelser

Woodson Smelser, MD
Born: Risco, MO
Med School: University of Missouri-Columbia

Andrew Zganjar

Andrew Zganjar, MD
Born: Milwaukee, WI
Med School: Medical School of Wisconsin


PG Year 4

PG Year 4 group photo

Jack Campbell

Jack G. Campbell, MD
Born: Columbia, MO
Med School: University of Missouri-Columbia

Ahmad El-Arabi

Ahmad El-Arabi, MD
Born: Valencia, CA
Med School: Medical College of Wisconsin

Derek Jensen

Derek Jensen, MD
Born: Wheaton, MD
Med School: University of Kansas

Justin Penticuff

Justin Penticuff, MD
Born: Lexington, KY
Med School: University of Kentucky

PG Year 3

PG Year 3 group photo

Daniel Au

Daniel M. Au, MD
Born: San Francisco, CA
Med School: Saint Louis University

Charles Jones

Charles Jones, MD
Born: Sikeston, MO
Med School: University of Missouri-Columbia

Sida Niu

Sida Niu, MD
Born: Beijing, China
Med School: University of Kansas

Bristol Wiles

Bristol B. Whiles, MD
Born: Overland Park, KS
Med School: University of Kansas

PG Year 2

PG Year 2 group photo

S. Muneeb Alam

S. Muneeb Alam, MD
Born: New Haven, CT
Med School: University of Connecticut

Daniel Igel

Daniel Igel, MD
Born: Mobile, AL
Med School: Wake Forest

Stephen Pittman

Stephen Pittman, MD
Born: Tulsa, OK
Med School: University of Oklahoma

Hogan Randall

Hogan Randall
Born: Gainesville, FL
Med School: Northwestern University

PG Year 1

PG Year 1 group photo

V Glazyrine

Vassili Glazyrine, MD
Born: Novosibirsk, Russia
Med School: University of Kansas

Matthew Larson

Matthew Larson, MD
Born: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Med School: University of South Dakota

Matthew McLeay

Matthew McLeay, MD
Born: Irving, TX
Med School: University of Missouri

Caleb Miller

Caleb Miller
Born: Sterling, Illinois
Med School: St. Louis University

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