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Exercise, Diet, Genitourinary, & Endocrinology (EDGE) Research Laboratory

The Exercise, Diet, Genitourinary, & Endocrinology (EDGE) Research Laboratory conducts innovative research in areas impacting community health. The vision of the EDGE lab is to use diet and physical activity to give patients a competitive EDGE when they are fighting cancer.

Current Research Projects

The EDGE lab is actively engaged in multiple significant research projects and aims to create discoveries to help the health of our community. Scientists are working to better understand the immune response to radical cystectomy surgery in bladder cancer patients. The EDGE lab is also exploring the influence of energy balance on prostate cancer progression.

Last modified: Dec 07, 2017
Lab Director

Want to participate in a clinical trial?
Please contact Misty Bechtel 913-945-5037

Updates & Activities

Dr. Hamilton-Reeves has been invited to be on the scientific advisory board for the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network.

In December, she attended the 2016 AAMC Mid-Career Women Faculty Professional Development Seminar in Texas. And in February, she presented her research on the effects of oral immunonutrition in bladder cancer patients at Clinical Nutrition Week in Florida. Her work was selected as an abstract of distinction for the critical care session.

Dr. Hamilton-Reeves received a scholarship from the KU Medical Center Women in Medicine and Science organization in conjunction with the Joy McCann Professorship.

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