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Directions and Info:

Kansas Physicians Medical Office Building

At Olathe Boulevard and Cambridge Street,
adjacent to The University of Kansas Hospital.

Directions and Parking Info


3901 Rainbow Blvd
MS 3016
Kansas City, KS  66160

Billing questions: (877) 729-5874

Dr. J Brantley Thrasher (Jessica McCullough) 913.588.6152, Fax (913) 588-0603
Drs Tomas Griebling and Paul Christenson (Macy Lor), 913.588.6147, Fax (913) 588-7625
Drs Jeffrey Holzbeierlein and Eugene Lee (Susan Gafney), 913.588.7564, Fax (913) 588-6668
Drs Ajay Nangia and Hadley Wyre (Amanda Adams), 913.945.6600, Fax (913) 588-7625
Drs David Duchene and Joshua Broghammer (Jennifer Raybin), 913.588.6982, Fax (913) 945-8728
Drs Priya Padmanabhan and Moben Mirza (Kegan Coleman), 913.945.6432, Fax (913) 588-6668
Dr. John Weigel and Jim Kovarik, PA-C (Sandy Walker), 913.588.0799, Fax (913) 588.8728


Dr.'s J. Pat Murphy and John Gatti
South Office (Children's Mercy South),
North Office (Children's Mercy Downtown),


Residency Coordinator: Cathy Hightower, 913-588-7571
(5th Floor Sudler Building)

Other Locations

Cameron Regional Medical Center, Cameron MO
816-632-5424 (Contact: Monica Johnson)

Truman Medical Center, Kansas City, MO

Veterans Adminstration (VA) Medical Center, Kansas City, MO

Dr. Wyre, Kansas City Cancer Center South (1000 E 101st Terrace, I-435 & Holmes)

Last modified: May 03, 2015