Surgery Education


Surgery Education at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas City, Kansas administers the clerkship and courses in Surgery and its specialties during the M3 and M4 years of medical school at the KU School of Medicine, Kansas City, Campus.  The rotations at Salina, Kansas and McPherson, Kansas and Chanute, Kansas rely on this department for supportive aspects of their Surgery courses.

Following are brief descriptions of the course work we administer and support.

Surgery 900 - This is the basic Surgery Clerkship taken by all M3 students at the Kansas City campus.  About 125 students rotate through this course during an academic year.

M4 Surgery Selectives and Electives - All M4 students must complete a Critical Care Selective and a Sub-internship.  This department administers the Surgery Critical Care Selectives and the Surgical Sub-internships in conjunction with the sponsoring departments.  Electives in Surgery and its Specialties (Urology, Orthopedics, Plastics, etc.) are administered through this department in coordination with the sponsoring surgical specialty department.

The faculty and staff of the Surgery Department are dedicated to providing Medical Students with a rewarding educational experience while on the surgery rotation.

This site provides general information about the Surgery Education Department and specific information for each rotation of students.





Last modified: Jan 27, 2017