Educational Conferences

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General Surgery Education

The Department of Surgery and the Surgical Residency at the University of Kansas Hospital have taken a proactive approach to the education of our residents beyond just clinical training.

Resident/Faculty Core Lecture Series:
This is a weekly conference dedicated to didactic teaching.   These conferences meet every Thursday from 4pm to 6pm.  This lecture time is "protected," which means that every resident is relieved of their clinical duties for the duration of the teaching time.  Residents' pagers are collected, and residents are not allowed to answer pages during the conference.  The lecture series was changed in July 2010.  Topics were assigned on a weekly basis from four sources: O'Leary's textbook of physiology, SESAP Audio, Selected Readings in General Surgery, and Surgical Council on Surgery Education (SCORE) Curriculum.  In 2013, the department revamped the curriculm again because the reading was too lengthy.  We now use SCORE, Selected Readings in Surgery, and Research Instruction and Simulations.  These lectures are run by staff with some short secondary lectures given by residents (no more than one per year).  Weekly quizzes with interactive discussion are done the first hour of the conference.

Morbidity and Mortality Conference:
This weekly conference meets every Monday 5pm to 6pm.  M&M is attended by both resident staff and surgical attendings.  During M&M, cases are discussed by the primary resident along with indications, complications, and alternative treatments.  The Core Competencies with respect to each case are discussed.  There are also resident presentations given covering educational topics that arise during the conference or are assigned by staff.

General Surgery Grand Rounds:
 A weekly conference that meets Tuesday mornings from 7am to 8am.  The first Tuesday of each month is General Surgery Journal Club where the Chief Residents present articles that pertain to the practice of General Surgery.  The other Tuesdays are a mix of guest lecturers, visiting professors and surgical faculty lectures.

Vascular Surgery Conference:
A weekly conference that meets from 7am to 8am on Thursdays.  The first Thursday of each month is the Vascular Journal Club which includes breakfast.  Other Thursday conferences are given by basic science faculty, Vascular faculty or the Vascular Fellow.

Transplant Conference:
A weekly, multidisciplinary, conference that includes the transplant team and other specialties that deal with organ transplantation, selection of transplant candidates, etc.  This conference meets on Wednesday afternoon at 2 pm.

Tumor Conference:
A weekly, multidisciplinary, conference that meets on Friday mornings from 7:30am to 8:30am.  This conference is attended by surgery, pathology, oncology, and radiation therapy and is an educational and working conference for patient care.

Trauma Lecture Series:
A series of lectures held every month (second Wednesday) from 7-8am.


Last modified: Oct 23, 2013