Benefits for the Resident in General Surgery

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Health Insurance:

As employees of the State of Kansas,  residents are eligible for state health insurance. 


Each resident is provided a parking permit on campus.


The Department of Surgery pays for each residents yearly library fees.

Loupes Allowance:

Residents receive up to $1,000 towards Loupes during their PGY 2 year.


The Department pays for each resident's temporary license to practice medicine and DEA license.


Each resident receives three weeks of paid vacation each year.

Lab Coats/Scrubs:

The Department provides three lab coats with personalized embroidery to each resident at the beginning of their intern, PGY 3, and chief year.  OR Scrubs are available to surgery residents through ID badge access.


During the Chief year, the department will reimburse expenses up to $1500 for each Chief to attend a professional meeting of their choice. Pre-approval by the Program Director and Chair required. 

At any time during residency, if a resident has a scientific paper accepted for presentation at a national meeting, the Department will reimburse expenses upon approval from the Program Director and Chair.  There may be time away restrictions and a monetary cap.

Salary and Benefits 

Last modified: Jul 05, 2017