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Welcome!  Thank you for your interest in our program. 

Modern general surgical residencies have undergone drastic changes over the last several years.  Mainly due to three major factors:  First, the federally mandated 80 hour work week;  the realignment of non-categorical surgical subspecialties; and finally, the justifiable focus of the residency review committee (RRC) has shifted  to ensure that resident education is the major focus of training programs, both in the operating room and with   didactic teaching sessions.

At the University of Kansas (KU), we believe that we have responded to these changes with a program that is well rounded with both an excellent clinical experience combined with a state of the art didactic teaching program.

Our clinical experience includes a number of hospitals in addition to our primary facility, the University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas.  The Residents' experience is divided into both "team" rotations and opportunities to work alone on several of the specialty services.

Our "team" rotations include the Transplant, Acute Care, General Surgery, Vascular, Oncologic, Trauma, and Night Float services.  The rotations that allow the resident the opportunity to work "solo" include the Colorectal, HPB (Hepatobiliary), Breast, Cardiothoracic, and Pediatric surgery services.

The Leavenworth Veteran's Hospital is one of our Programs' facilities.  At the VA, our Residents enjoy an increase in both responsibility and autonomy in patient care.  The VA provides increased experience in all areas of General Surgery with an emphasis in Vascular and Thoracic surgery.

One of the highlights of our program is the PGY-4 "circuit" year.  The 4th year of training is unique and enjoyable year in our Residents' education.  It consists of rotations at community hospitals in two moderate sized Kansas communities providing the Resident an opportunity to participate in private practice and to train with excellent general surgeons outside of the traditional teaching hospital setting.  

Over the last several years, the didactic experience at KU has been revamped.  The resident lecture series has become a weekly "event" and is designated as protected time.  All residents are excused from their clinical duties for the duration of the conference.  Grand Rounds, a biweekly series consisting of visiting professor and faculty lectures, alternates with the M & M Conference.  Journal Club meets weekly and is service specific. 

I believe that we have re-crafted our program with a staff that is committed to teaching and training our residents with an emphasis on learning, not on service to the hospital.  We pride ourselves in selecting residents who work well together and are excited about learning.  Residents who seek fellowships after graduation are excellent candidates and to date have had no difficulty in selection and placement in their program(s) of choice.

Last modified: Sep 27, 2016

Schropp, Residency Director

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Residency Program Director


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Kelly Dale 
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