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Department Procedure for Promotion and Tenure

The following steps should be followed to be supported for promotion and tenure in the Department of Surgery.

  • Update University Curriculum Vitae Form annually and submit with your Annual Faculty Assessment Summary Form to Chair of Surgery.
  • Discuss with the Chair of Surgery your intention to go up for promotion before completion of the registration document.
  • Meet with the Chair of the Departmental P&T Committee Chair before completion of the registration document.
  • Attend one of the P&T Training Sessions provided by the Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development office. Training sessions will be posted on the Faculty Development Training Calendar.
  • Submit an updated CV and list of five references to the Department P&T Committee by July 15.
  • Receive verification of the Department P&T Committee's Support of your application by August 1.
  • Submit your application and supporting documents online by the University deadline, usually September 1.

Department P&T Committee Members


It is imperative that faculty members review the official SOM Annual Assessment of Faculty Members Guidelines, as well as the SOM Promotion and Tenure website which are the definitive resources. For assistance or questions about reviews for this year, or P&T, please contact Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
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