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Faculty Development & Mentoring Program

Success in academic surgery requires a supportive environment, resources, self-direction, and commitment.  The final critical component to reduce the likelihood of academic failure is the development of a plan for success.  It has been stated, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

A formal faculty mentoring program should include all of the components critical for optimizing the opportunity for success.  The KU Department of Surgery is committed to the recruitment, retention, and promotion of those surgeons who have chosen academic surgery for their career.  Specifically, the goal of faculty development in the Department of Surgery is to aid new faculty in defining obligations and goals, and understanding responsibilities expected by the department and the School of Medicine.  The primary aim of the mentorships is to assist the faculty in the development of a successful academic career, beginning with the New Faculty Onboarding Process...

Program Overview

Faculty development within the Department of Surgery will begin when the faculty member has signed on staff in order to optimize their integration not only into the Department, but also into the body of academic faculty at the University as a whole.

Prior to their official start date on staff, each new surgery faculty member will have an opportunity to meet with the Departmental P&T Committee and either the Associate Dean or Director of the Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development office. This provides a better understanding of the school's ranks & tracks system, and how each faculty may best fit into a track and what goals and milestones are appropriate to plan for each upcoming year with the university. Additionally at this meeting the new faculty will be introduced to the SOM CV template so they can format their accomplishments in the proper manner for SOM yearly evaluations, and for the Department Procedure for P&T which supports the SOM P&T process. Additionally, each new surgery faculty member will be enrolled in the On-Boarding New Faculty Program.

A prepared packet will be given to each new faculty outlining the resources available for faculty development, mentoring, and promotion as well as important information related to teaching, education, and participation in Departmental activities. Additionally, a listing of faculty contacts within the surgery department of members who serve on the various department and campus committees will be provided as a resource to each new surgery faculty member.

Once on board, each new surgery faculty will be assigned an initial PRIMARY mentor within the department as well as 2 or more secondary mentors that may be from the Department of Surgery or from other Departments if their expertise would be appropriate as a mentor. If a surgery faculty member has research interests outside the department, a research mentor in that field would also be assigned. Additionally if a new faculty member is interested in developing a clinical service/area of expertise not currently available in the hospital or department, an opportunity to meet with the appropriate departmental, SOM and KU-Hospital people to assist in that development will be provided.

In addition to a Mid-cycle review after their 3rd year on staff, all new surgery faculty will have a END-OF-1st-YEAR formal review by the surgery departmental P&T committee to gauge the faculty member's progress toward their goals and identify any problems or areas that need attention. Each surgery faculty member will have meetings with their mentoring committee at least twice a year to address concerns and developmental milestones prior to annual chair-review. Each of these meetings will be documented for the mentee's file using a One Page Sample Form.

In addition to mentoring each new surgical faculty through their mentoring committee, the roles of the Department will be to encourage and promote early involvement of junior faculty with local, regional, and national societies including participation on local committees, presentation of research manuscripts and peer-networking.

Surgery Department On-Boarding Process for New Faculty

Once a prospective faculty candidate signs their offer letter accepting their appointment, they become "new faculty" and are expected to begin immediately with the steps outlined by the School of Medicine's On-Boarding New Faculty program.  Time sensitive steps are covered and are required before you may see patients. Shortly after the new faculty signed offer letter is received, someone within the department will e-mail the On-Boarding New Faculty link which identifies specific instructions required for the terms of their appointment. Please expect to receive department or division related instructions from our department administrator or their delegate.


It is imperative that faculty members review the official SOM Annual Assessment of Faculty Members Guidelines, as well as the SOM Promotion and Tenure website which are the definitive resources. For assistance or questions about reviews for this year, or P&T, please contact Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
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