Department of Surgery

Welcome to the Department of Surgery at the University of Kansas. It is a pleasure for me to introduce the members of the Department. We would like to thank you for your interest in our Department and Residency Program and hope you will find the information in this site helpful during the selection process.

In today's ever changing, challenging and exciting field of General Surgery, the resident applicant is confronted with the difficult task of selecting the training program that will best prepare her or him for the future demands of the field. An ideal program should provide a strong clinical framework with ample opportunity for research and academic achievement.

The entire surgical faculty, the Surgical Education Committee and Dr. Kurt Schropp (Program Director) have worked tirelessly to ensure our Residency Program provides truly outstanding surgical training and complies with all ACGME-Residency Review Committee requirements.

Whether in patient care or in the research arena, residents contribute the eagerness, scientific curiosity and youthful enthusiasm that keep our commitment to academic excellence alive. Recognizing that residents play such a central role in the department, we consider our task as surgical educators one of the utmost importance.

Our Department has experienced remarkable growth over the last decade and continues to expand with the support of Dr. Douglas A. Girod, Executive Vice Chancellor of the University of Kansas Medical Center, Dr. Robert D. Simari, Executive Dean of the KU School of Medicine, and Mr. Bob Page, President and Chief Executive Officer of the University of Kansas Hospital.

We remain extremely optimistic about the future of our Department and Residency Program and invite you to take a closer look!

Romano Delcore, MD, MBA, FACS
Professor and Chair
Department of Surgery

Last modified: Oct 27, 2017