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FAQ's of P&T

Curriculum Vitae - School of Medicine (SoM) formatted CV

Q: What is FACT?
 FACT is the electronic database to use for creating the SoM formatted CV.
A: FACT is an online repository (database) used for data collection to provide a more time efficient way to manage large amounts of data for reporting purposes.
A: You will enter all your CV information into the online database and then run a report that will generate the SoM formatted CV either as a Word document or PDF.
A: FACT is the acronym for Faculty Activity Collaboration Tool

Q:  Can I still use the existing Word document template and guidelines?
The existing Word document template and guidelines that have been used in the past will be phased out within the next two years.  It will no longer be available starting with the 2022-2023 promotion season.
You can still use the existing Word document template and guidelines if there is a reason why you are not using FACT.  Please contact Angie Basgall with any questions.
A:  If you are choosing to use the Word document template, you must use the 2019 version. All other versions are obsolete!

Q:  Will Faculty Affairs and Development (FAD) review my CV?
A:  Absolutely!  Effective 2020, it is mandatory for the promotion applicant to set up a meeting with Dr. Dianne Durham, Senior Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs and Development, for a complete review!  Contact Angie Basgall to set up an appointment.
A:  Prior to meeting with Dr. Durham, you are encouraged to have a colleague, or a member of your Department APT Committee review it and provide feedback to you.

Q:  Can I update my CV and submit a revised version after the August 31 deadline?
A:  No, this is not allowed.  However, if your CV lists pending publications and/or pending grants that have been accepted/awarded after the deadline, please notify Angie Basgall so any updates can be added to your materials.

Career Levels - Domain Expectations - Reference Letters

Q: What are the promotion expectations for my Rank and Track?
Review the Academic Rank Matrix for complete details.  You can find this document on the main Promotion and Tenure webpage under Promotion Resources.

Q: Where can I find information and requirements for the Career Levels?
  Review the Domain Expectations listed on the main Promotion and Tenure webpage under Promotion Resources. You will see two versions - 1. Domain Expectations by Career Level and 2. Domain Expectations by Domain. 

Q: Where can I find information about Reference Letters (LOR's) and determine who is considered a qualified referee?
A:  Review the Reference Letter Requirements which can be found on the main Promotion and Tenure webpage under Promotion Resources.

Application Materials

Q: What materials are needed for my application?
 Please use the Application Folder Guide.  You will find information about the required materials and instructions on how to upload documents within your SharePoint folder.

Q:  Why do I need to use the Application Folder Guide?
A:   This guide lists the specifics of each folder.
A:   It will help you understand what materials to upload.

Q:  Do I need to separate my materials into the 12 folders provided in SharePoint?
A:   Absolutely!  Promotion materials are required for the SoM APT Committee review and all materials must be separated into the 12 folders.

Teaching Evaluations

Q: Do I need teaching evaluations as part of my materials for review?
Yes, you need to upload evaluations to your SharePoint folder.  The absence of teaching evaluations will negatively impact  your application.
A: Refer to the Application Folder Guide for details.
A: If evaluations are not uploaded, it is recommended that a short explanation is written to the SoM APT Committee as to why.

Q:  What if I do not have any formal evaluations?
Formal evaluations can sometimes be subjective and/or you may not have any. In this case, support letters are encouraged from learners or junior faculty that you have mentored.
If you do not have standardized teaching evaluations, or you would like extra documentation to show your teaching excellence, please submit a Peer Observation Request Form. Information on Peer Observation of Teaching information can be found here: Faculty Development tab on the Faculty Affairs and Development website.

Clinical Service Activities

Q: How do I document my clinical service activities?
Clinical practices vary greatly among specialties. You will need to provide a summary of your clinical practice as well as quantitative data (RVUs over time) that showcase your accomplishments.


Q: How do I use SharePoint to submit my application materials? 
In May, specific details are emailed to you which includes how to find your folder, how to upload documents, how to submit your reference contact information, etc. 

Q: What if I or my assistant cannot access the applicant folder?
Only the applicant and/or the assistant (if noted on the registration form) will have permission to access an individual applicant folder.
A: If you have trouble accessing SharePoint, please be sure you used the URL in the emailed instructions or clicked the link provided in the email that was sent in May.  If issues persist, please contact Angie Basgall.

Last modified: Feb 21, 2020