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Promotion and Tenure

2019-20 Timeline - Promotion and Tenure Application Review Process

2019-20 SoM APT Committee Photo Roster

If you are considering applying for promotion, please review the following before deciding to move forward with registration:

  • For information on the promotion requirements for your rank and track, please review the Academic Rank Matrix.
  • Contents of the Domain Expectations will help guide you on what is expected. This document is broken down two ways: Domain Expectations by Career Level and Domain Expectations by Domain
  • After reviewing the Academic Rank Matrix and Domain Expectations, please ask yourself if you have accomplished enough to substantiate promotion.
  • Seek advice about going up for promotion from your Department Chair, Division Director, and/or your Department APT Committee Chair.

For additional details on applying for promotion and/or tenure, please visit the Getting Started page.

Note --

  • 2019 is your mandatory year to apply for Promotion for the award of Tenure, if you are on the Tenure Track and were hired (or received an extension) in 2014.
  • The same also applies to Associate Professors Without Tenure who were hired in 2014. You may apply for Tenure Only at your current rank OR apply for Promotion and Tenure to Professor.

Please email Angie Basgall if you have questions or need additional information.

Last modified: Jul 22, 2019


Promotion and Tenure

Registration is Closed 


2019 SoM CV Template and Guidelines are below

(Please do not use any obsolete templates or guidelines.)

SoM CV Template

SoM CV Guidelines