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Post Tenure Review

Tenured faculty members will undergo a post tenure review every seven years to ensure continued professional development. The individuals reviewed each year are selected on a scheduled basis. Reviews may also be triggered at the request of a departmental chair.

Participation in the PTR process is mandatory. Key information on the KUMC policy and process of post tenure review are available at the links below. 

Post Tenure Review Documents and Policies         

Post Tenure Review Timeline and Deadlines         

  • August: List of faculty members for PTR approved by the SoM APT committee
  • August/September: Faculty members notified of selection for review
  • January 15: Deadline for submission of materials
  • By April 1: Completion of reviews
  • April: Joint meeting of the APT committee to consider reviews; Chair of PTR committee attends the meeting
  • May: APT final recommendations to the Executive Dean
  • By May 31st: Decisions by Executive Dean and notifications to individual and chair
Last modified: Jun 12, 2019