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New Faculty Onboarding

Welcome to the University of Kansas Medical Center! We are pleased you have joined our outstanding faculty in the School of Medicine. We invite you to explore the information below regarding your employment and onboarding. Please contact us if you have any questions.  

Getting Started

Planning Ahead

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Your employment by the University of Kansas (state of Kansas) is directly related to your faculty appointment.

Along with your salary you will receive benefits and a pension plan from the University. 

All payroll paperwork for university employees is processed through Human Resources (HR).  


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If you provide clinical services you will have dual employment with the University of Kansas Physicians (UKP) and the University. 

Pay and benefits will be split between UKP and the University and you will receive two separate paychecks, benefit packages and pension plans. 

This will require duplicate paperwork and completion of separate tax documents required by federal law. 

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Grant paperwork for all faculty who perform research is processed through the Research Institute.      

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018