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Policies and Procedures

In general, all policies affecting all KUMC School of Medicine students can be found at this site:
Exceptions and/or modifications for Salina students include (but are not limited to) the following:

Salina Specific Policies and Procedures

Attendance policy

Addressed in all course syllabi. Salina-specific absences will be addressed by Dr. Michael Robinson, 785-822-0407.

Campus Security

The Campus Security Procedure outlines crime reporting procedures, the theft policy and contact numbers.

Dress Code

A professional image increases credibility and safety while fostering patient trust, respect and confidence. When students are working with patients, they are expected to conform to the dress requirements of the supervisory clinical department. Guidelines provided by the KUMC main campus will be adhered to on the Salina campus for first- and second-year clinical skills teaching patient/preceptor sessions, standardized patients, and third- and fourth-year clerkships: these require a minimum of business casual dress with closed-toed shoes. Scrubs with clean tennis shoes may be worn in the third and fourth years. Dress items that are not be acceptable at any time include: revealing clothing, exposed undergarments, uncovered tattoos, piercings other than described as acceptable in the main campus handbook. White coats, when worn, should be clean – laundered for infectious control.

Fire Drills:

BRADDICK BUILDING (Education Building)

    The Braddick Building is connected to the Health Center alarm system and will automatically send a signal to the Santa Fe campus Operator's Booth and fire department.
    If a fire is observed in the building, notify the switchboard operator (7777) and report the fire. This provides consistency of policy, one location to notify when working on the system and also allows the hospital to be notified so that the Code Red Response team can be activated.
  3. The switchboard operator will notify 911 immediately. 

Inclement Weather


Although the KU School of Medicine-Salina campus does not close for inclement weather very often, it's important for students to know the policy. Salina campus closings are independent of Kansas City campus closings. Every effort will be made to make the decision by 6 a.m. on the day Salina campus will be closed or delayed. To determine whether the Salina campus is closed or delayed in opening:

  • Students will be notified via e-mail. 

Dangerous Weather:

  • Tornado watch (conditions for a tornado are favorable, etc.) or severe thunderstorm watch:
    Announcement over SRHC Hospital PA system alerts that a tornado watch or severe thunderstorm watch is in effect.
  • Tornado warning (i.e., tornado sighted) or severe thunderstorm warning, use your judgment regarding thunderstorm warning:
    Announcement over SRHC Hospital PA system to move to areas of safety. For the Braddick Building: move to the basement.

Safety Policy

Salina's Student Safety Procedures. provide a guideline for when to submit a student concern, outlines the purpose of the Salina Concerns Committee, and lists contacts for cases.

Tobacco Policy


As part of its mission, the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Salina advocates healthy lifestyles and provides a healthy and safe environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors. The University of Kansas School of Medicine-Salina has adopted a policy that establishes the institution and its grounds as tobacco free.


Violations should be brought to the attention of the appropriate supervisory personnel. When the Director is not available, the matter may be referred to the Associate Director of Basic Sciences.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018