Standardized Patient Program

A Standardized Patient (SP) at KU Med is a well person portraying a patient with certain medical concerns in a realistic encounter with a medical student at the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Salina, Kansas. Some encounters involve only the taking of a history and counseling by the medical student and others involve a limited physical exam (always non-invasive).

Specific Cases

As an SP you are expected to learn "facts" about the case that you will be portraying. These "facts" are just like the facts in your own personal situation, except they are not about you; they are about the fictitious person that you are portraying. You will be expected to memorize these "facts." Your portrayal of the case will be much like when you visit your own doctor, except you will respond to a student's questions with the "facts" that you have memorized.

Contact Information

Interested persons should contact Mary Gordon at KU School of Medicine-Salina campus via phone at 785-822-0411 or via email at


Earn $20 an hour as a Standardized Patient at KU Med-Salina campus


Download and complete the Standardized Patient Profile form (Word).

Last modified: Aug 25, 2016