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Radiation Oncology

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Patient Stories and Testimonials

Dr. Lindstrom is a very caring, kind, and efficient doctor. She's very compassionate to her patients and I think genuinely cares what's going on with each patient. I have full confidence in her. She's awesome!

Dr. Coster and the entire office has always been superlative in my care and follow up appointments - since the first ones in 2009. I have no suggestions for doing anything "better". He takes his time, was very knowledgeable, and knew stats and studies, but could speak to us on our level. We loved him!

I absolutely love Dr. Thompson. He has taken great care of me and my patients. He is always so kind, caring and patient. He will keep explaining until everyone understands why he is doing what he is doing and he goes the extra 100 miles to take care of any patient

Dr.Keleti and the staff are all awesome. They made me feel at home during this difficult process.

The entire team at KU exceeded all expectations. Thank you Dr. Lominska and your staff for your compassion and for always being available.

My experience with KU was outstanding. I am glad that I went with Dr. Shen and his staff for treatment!

Dr. Hoover was kind, patient, and took care of me like family. He and his team were outstanding. I highly recommend KU for radiation care.

I loved Dr. Wang. He always took his time to explain things to me and made me feel full confident in the treatment. He and his team are to be commended!

Last modified: Jun 19, 2019