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Our Mission Statement

The University of Kansas Medical Center Radiation Oncology Department is committed to being at the forefront of finding better treatments and cures for cancer through its superior clinical care and clinical trials coupled with cutting-edge research in cancer biology, medical physics, and health services. We understand that patients and society require that health care becomes better in terms of treatment delivery and outcomes, faster for convenience to patients and their families, and cheaper to address the problem of the increasingly unaffordable healthcare delivery system. We recognize that both cost and quality measure the value of the healthcare which patients and society seek.


  • To innovate, develop, and translate new treatments and cures for cancer
  • To practice the patient-centered care treatment paradigm
  • To lead in the development of integrated, multidisciplinary care models
  • To sustain growth in academic programs and strengthen community partnerships
  • To foster leadership development in the field of Radiation Oncology


  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Excellence 
  • Teamwork 

Last modified: Dec 27, 2018