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Radiation Oncology

Chair's Welcome

           Welcome to the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Kansas (KU) Health System and Cancer Center.  We take pride in our reputation as one of the leading providers of cancer care in the country and are thrilled of your interest.  As an integral part of the only National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated Cancer Center in the Kansas City metropolitan area and in the state of Kansas, our Department, spanning 8 separate locations, is dedicated to the fight against cancer in every capacity- through our unwavering commitment to patients and family; our dedication to being on the cutting edge of research and discovery; and our longstanding history of training the next generation of oncology providers.  Our talented and renowned faculty members are recognized as patient advocates, pioneers in research, and leaders in academic radiation oncology- they are what makes KU unique and what translates into the highest quality of care for our patients. 

           Here at KU, you'll experience first-hand just exactly what "personalized medicine" means for our patients.  Personalized medicine means never feeling as you were treated as an anonymous statistic, never being referred to by your disease alone, and never feeling like another faceless number in an endless carousel lottery.  On the contrary, our providers want to know you as a person-what makes you tick, what you value, and what quality of life means to you.  Our conscientious and kind-hearted faculty and staff are specifically selected for their abilities to relate to patients and for their skill at developing individualized treatments.  We understand that serving as care providers is a privilege and is associated with an obligation to treat the entire patient rather than just a disease. We don't practice "cookbook" medicine at KU, and we always pay the strictest attention to detail.  You will find that our patient centered approach is complemented by our mission to advance cancer treatment through research and its translation to patient care. That is the KU advantage-- customized, precision-based cancer care for you, and only you, rather than a "one-size fits all' approach to treatment

            It is indeed an exciting time in radiation oncology-- with technological advances and molecular breakthroughs improving our understanding of cancer-- and KU occupies a special position on the very forefront of academic medicine, ushering innovative ideas from the laboratory to the bedside.  Our Department's highly recognized faculty consist of innovative physicians, medical physicists, and research scientists.  This extraordinary team, coupled with the most state-of-the-art technology, creates the highest probability of superior treatment outcomes for cancer patients.  Our outstanding researchers are able to take advantage of working within a world renowned research university to create novel and innovative approaches to overcome difficult oncology problems, while honoring our core values of compassion, integrity, and respect. In the Department of Radiation Oncology at KU, we are firm believers in the transformative powers of academic medicine. Come to know us, and you'll see why. 

Learn more about radiation therapy treatment at the University of Kansas Medical Center, and contact us to schedule a consultation with a physician to learn more about your specific treatment options.

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Professional Faculty & Staff
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Why choose KU Radiation Oncology?

When faced with cancer, you want the best hope for a cure.  At the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Kansas Health System and Cancer Center, each of our physicians are recognized in their chosen disease site-specific disciplines and are teachers and researchers in addition to compassionate care providers.  They are experts in their chosen disciplines.  As a result, our team is recognized nationally as a leader in cancer research, care and education, we are breaking barriers to beat cancer through:  

  • Designation as one of only 69 National Cancer Institute Cancer Centers
  • The experience and expertise of our collaborative team of doctors, nurses, and support staff
  • A broad spectrum of clinical specialties for treatment of a range of cancer type
  • Leading-edge cancer research and biotechnologies used to personalize treatment
  • Access to a multitude of protocols and treatments unavailable at other cancer care facilities
  • Education and outreach to close gaps in cancer outcomes for diverse populations
  • An individualized, customized approach to your care   
Last modified: Aug 13, 2018

Allen M. Chen, M.D.

Allen M. Chen, M.D.
Dept. of Radiation Oncology