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Fourth Year Electives


PYCH 911 Child Psychiatry (4)
Normal and abnormal growth and development.  Clinical assessment of children and early adolescents.  Interview and play therapy.  Family counseling.  Group work with parents.  Students will be evaluated by faculty and resident supervisors on the basis of their clinical performance.  Location:  Marillac Center, 8000 West 127th St, Overland Park, KS.  Offered in modules I-XII. Prerequisite: PYCH 955.

PYCH 914 Psychiatry in Medicine and Surgery (4)
Experience with psychiatric consultations to the medicine and surgery services.  Evaluation of psychiatric problems in medical and surgical inpatients. Students will demonstrate effective interview technique and explain the basis for diagnosis and management. Supervisors will evaluate clinical skills. Offered in modules I-XII. Prerequisite: PYCH 955.

PYCH 916 Introduction to Psychotherapy (4)
The focus of this elective is to provide medical students a strong introduction to the fields of Abnormal and Clinical Psychology. The goal of this rotation is to strengthen foundational medical knowledge with complimentary education in the behavioral sciences as they relate to psychiatric practice. To accomplish this, the student will be asked to engage in the following activities. The student will participate in individual and group psychotherapy sessions in outpatient as well as inpatient settings (e.g., outpatient psychotherapy clinic, inpatient psychiatry, consultation-liaison). These psychotherapy experiences will include cognitive-behavioral (and related) treatments for a range of psychiatric disorders (e.g., mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, substance use disorders, schizophrenia-spectrum disorders, etc) in patients across a continuum of functional strata and comorbidity (e.g., psychiatric and medical comorbidities). The student will be expected to deliver counseling and psychotherapy interventions (under supervision) in these contexts to address treatment goals (e.g., suicide prevention/safety planning, substance abuse counseling, development of coping skills, treatment planning, etc) while working with a multidisciplinary team. The student will also receive exposure to and practice with psychometric assessments (e.g., cognitive assessment, psychodiagnostic assessment) in the context of psychiatric practice. At the completion of the elective, the student will have received a broad comprehensive introduction to the more commonly used approaches to psychotherapy, psychological assessment, and clinical health psychology.

PYCH 918 Inpatient Psychiatry (4)
Advanced full-time experience in hospital treatment. Includes training in individual and milieu therapy, chemotherapy, etc. The student will function as a first year resident insofar as the student is able to assume the required responsibilities of that position. Students electing this module will be evaluated by faculty supervisors on the basis of their clinical performance and the growth of their fund of psychiatric knowledge during the module. Offered in modules I-XII. Prerequisite: PYCH 955.

PYCH 920 Research in Psychiatry (4)
An approved psychiatric research project in an area of special interest to the student may be undertaken with the individual supervision of a faculty member within the sphere of whose own professional interests the student’s topic of study lies. This elective experience will include the writing of a paper or presentation of a seminar reporting on the student’s investigation and findings. Offered in modules I-XII. Prerequisite: PYCH 955.

Course Faculty & Staff

William F. Gabrielli, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.
Course Director
1005 Olathe Pavilion

Shilpa Sachdeva, M.D.
Co-Course Director
G047C Olathe Pavilion

Lesley L. Leive
Course Administrator
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