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Underserved Populations

The program seeks to train interns who will do their part to reduce health disparities and address cultural, economic and geographic barriers to healthcare. Among our many patients, the University of Kansas Medical Center, including interns in our program, also treat some of the most vulnerable individuals in society. These may include persons from underserved communities such as rural areas or impoverished urban sectors, persons in poverty or of low socioeconomic status, the uninsured, persons from variously disadvantaged backgrounds, variously vulnerable children and families, persons who have been mistreated or abused, low income HIV/AIDS sufferers, persons with disabilities, individuals with chronic and severe mental illnesses and persons with severe and chronic health problems.

The program has a special track, the Underserved Population Track, open to two interns, which involves a thorough exposure to underserved populations.

The faculty and a number of special advisors assure that our program's didactic and clinical activity includes competence in working with underserved populations.


Last modified: Aug 18, 2020