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Impact of COVID 19 Pandemic on Training

We intend to provide the full training experience of our internship during the 2021-22 academic year. However, there will be necessary modifications to the program in order to minimize risks to patient, employees, trainees, and the general public resulting from the COVID 19 pandemic. The Internship Homepage of our website includes a COVID 19 banner and links to the ways in which we are striving to provide care and information during the pandemic at The University of Kansas Medical Center. We are currently providing remote access to care, supervision, and didactic activities when it is not necessary or appropriate to have in-person contact. Many aspects of training, particularly on integrated care settings and inpatients sites require in-person involvement in order for the experiences to be meaningful. In those instances, we strive to reduce risks involved through the use of carefully considered safety measures as identified by the medical center, department, division, and internship program. Many of these are evident in the links on our Homepage. Our academic medical center's leadership is well-positioned through its expertise and multidisciplinary representation to offer the best in safety standards for all who are involved in learning and receiving care here. We receive daily briefings from a multidisciplinary team at the medical center regarding COVID 19. This includes much general information but also often items pertaining to self-care during the pandemic. We want to keep you and others safe while providing you with the best training experiences possible! We welcome your input or concerns at any time.

Last modified: Aug 18, 2020